Billy Martin & Fang Percussion Ensemble @ Rose in Williamsburg Brooklyn

One of the most important instruments that often takes the backseat both literally and musically is percussion. It isn’t often that people get a chance to see a percussion performance without any other instruments to accompany it.  The Rose in Williamsburg Brooklyn, held a weekly percussion series at the venue in Williamsburg in February and … [Read more...]

Ken Camden – Lethargy & Repercussion

Solo electric guitarists have been releasing albums that sound like they were made on anything but a guitar for a good while now.  The first that come to mind are the avant-garde leaning gentlemen who use computers like they're exaggerated effects pedal. On the more melodic side of the spectrum you have Fennesz and Christopher Willits, following on … [Read more...]

Øresund Space Collective – Dead Man in Space

In 2009 a CD by Øresund Space Collective found its way to me and although I'm not often a fan of long jams or instrumentals, I was taken aback by this group's purely improv approach to creating music. Not just completely improvised, their free-form space rock creations were really good! When the opportunity came to check out their latest release, … [Read more...]