Peste Noire – L’Ordure à l’État Pur

The new album from French black metallers Peste Noire is, for anyone new to the band, a surprising and challenging confusion. To existing fans it's an opinion splitter causing debate on whether this is inspired madness or simply black metal blasphemy. L'Ordure à l'État Pur is certainly something to inspire and generate emotions, however flavoured … [Read more...]

Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt

Fluent in that universal language of space-rock, France’s Year of No Light create music partly inspired by the caves and bitter winters of their hometown of Bordeaux. Their second album Ausserwelt is a tour de force of massively atmospheric instrumental music drawing on elements of drone metal, shoegazing and even hardcore punk and thrash metal, … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Two Singles and One Full Length

Amy Denio - Tutto Bene: Canzoni Sulla Fisa Spoot Music An album of accordion music? You betcha! This gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Seattle, WA has more than 43 CDs to her credit. She tours with gypsy-core band Kultur Shock and collaborates with many others. Twenty tracks of accordion music … [Read more...]

Interview with Mickaël Mottet of Angil + the Hiddentracks

There is a time when new music just hits you in the face with its musicianship. Thus was the case with Angil + the Hiddentracks' latest, Ouliposaliva, an album filled with so much musicianship, it was borderline absurd. And now, Mickaël Mottet, the mastermind behind it all, spoke with DOA's Bryan Sanchez about the album, his newest music and what's … [Read more...]