Fredrik – Flora

Following on from the expertly-twined strands of melodic Nordic folk and post-Four Tet electronica inside the Trilogi collection and the ‘80s 4AD atmospherics folded within the Origami 7” EP, both released last year, the Sweden-based trio of Fredrik Hultin, Ola Lindefelt and – recent recruit – Anna Moberg, return with a third Fredrik long-player … [Read more...]

Mutant Beatniks – Blazen

As the electronic music scene continues to re-invent itself, it all too often arrives at some very familiar destinations; at the same co-ordinates which Giorgio Moroder and Ralph Hutter took as their startpoints in the late 1970s. Essentially, the monophonic repeated note, performed at varying frequencies, remains the basis of the electropop world … [Read more...]

FAO#25: Dirtmusic & Fredrik

Although the impact of globalisation has for many been measured negatively in socio-economic and ecological terms, when it comes to cultural exchanges the picture seems a lot rosier.  Intensified by the internet and easier communications in general, the innumerable musical genres of our shared planet have become more broadly disseminated and … [Read more...]

High Places – High Places vs. Mankind

With such a lush, rich, intricate and distinct sound being so well defined across early singles and 2008’s eponymous debut LP, the most obvious hazard for Rob Barber and Mary Pearson trading under the name of High Places could have been to lapse lazily into repetitious formula.  Thankfully, it’s something the duo conscientiously avoid doing with … [Read more...]