Politburo – “Barrington Way”

Long-running Manchester, England-based outfit Politburo has been on the music scene since 1999, founded by Nick Alexander (vocals, guitar, tambourine) and Dominic ‘Dom’ James (drums, percussion, keyboards) and currently rounded out with John Loveguns (guitar), Phil Meredith (guitar, keyboards), Steven Joseph (bass), and invited guest Chloé Sancho … [Read more...]

Michael Kiwanuka – Love & Hate

Micheal Kiwanuka emerged in 2012 in a whirlwind of critical support. He was the winner of the BBC Sound of 2012 poll and garnered a Mercury Award nomination in the UK for best album of the year for his debut Home Again. Introducing Kiwanuka's soul-infused brand of folk music and whilst Home Again was a good album it fell short of expectation. Too … [Read more...]

Michael Tanner – Suite For Psaltery And Dulcimer

A son of Dorset, the now Sussex-dwelling Michael Tanner has for over a decade been releasing a steady stream of high quality, emotionally engaging and subtly structured ambient-orientated music. An acoustically-wise soundscape artist, best known under his Plinth guise, he has also periodically shapeshifted into The Cloisters and is a member of the … [Read more...]

Eric Anders – Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Eric Anders is a long-serving veteran, as evidenced by his musical history and recent compilation album Big World Abide: The Best of Eric Anders.  Twelve tracks from Anders’ five previous releases were remastered by Jeff Peters (The Beach Boys, Brian Setzer) for this collection.  Anders is an independent artist … [Read more...]

Losers Way Home – Love Songs For The Rest Of Us EP

Losers Way Home was founded in 2008 by Randall Downs (principal songwriter, lead vocals, guitar) and, at the time, Matt Cureton, in Memphis, but it has since relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and has picked up members Steven Bowman (vocals, violin, piano, mandolin), Rex Gorman (vocals, bass, keyboards), and Ryan Veach (drums). Losers Way Home has … [Read more...]

Kerosene Stars – A Million Little Trees EP

With every review I write I become more and more conflicted with my ability to write them. Here’s why:  words cannot do what music does, and vice-versa.   Historically, I already know about these limitations. Henri Peyre warns, “Every critic and professor with any sense has warned readers and students twenty times over against the temptation of … [Read more...]

Driftwood Bones – s/t EP

For about a year before Driftwood Bones released their self-titled debut, they steadily built a buzz in the Midwestern music scene, touring Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa to increasingly enthusiastic audiences. Exuberant, genre-bending live performances and an increasingly prolific catalog of songs stimulated anticipation for a studio work. This … [Read more...]

Louise Le May – A Tale Untold

Back in the good old days (yeah, right) if you hadn’t made some kind of musical splash by the grand old age of, say, twenty-five, it was widely accepted that taking your Dad’s well-meant advice and finally knuckling down to your Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries day-job was probably a wise move. Speaking as one who didn’t get signed by a … [Read more...]

Laura Cannell – Beneath Swooping Talons

In a braver world a work such as Laura Cannell’s second album, Beneath Swooping Talons, would likely be released on an imprint such as Hyperion or even Veritas. Instead, the issue falls to the catholic tastes of the ever eclectic and adventurous Front and Follow. For what we have here is a bold collage of (only slightly) updated early music and … [Read more...]

New Album from Erik Nilsson in July

Hearing Things, the new album by  Swedish neo-classical ambient artist Erik Nilsson, will see release on 30th July through Hidden Shoal. Drawing on folk, classical and electronica, Erik Nilsson blends acoustic instruments with field recordings and computer-generated sounds, crafting music akin to early Four Tet, Tortoise at their most minimal, … [Read more...]