Space Cadets – Space Cadets EP

LA-based pop-slanted hip-hop outfit Space Cadets mix up a tasty sonic stew, adding a shake of rock, a dash of blues, and a pinch of R&B to the pot, depending on the tune.  The trio just released a self-titled second EP in late-August, which was produced by James Ingram (Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, Leona Lewis). Zachary Wexelman (vocals, … [Read more...]

Fresh album from Joel Ansett

Denver, Colorado (by way of Spokane, Washington) -based singer-songwriter Joel Ansett blends the folk, pop, and R&B genres into a sweet mix that's topped off by his insightful lyrics.  His album, The Nature of Us, is scheduled for release on November 23rd and it's a joyful and reflective 12-track platter that delves into folk-pop and smooth … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands, Nic Nassuet, The Furious Seasons and Grumsling)

Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands – “Fall of the Seraph” Singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and ethnomusicologist Crystal Bright is the main light of Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands and her latest album, The Absolute Elsewhere, is available in the U.S. on May 19th.  It’s an eclectically diverse album that incorporates … [Read more...]

The Children’s Hour – SOS JFK (reissue)

Having beguiled many new followers with last year’s slowly-intoxicating Blood Rushing, it’s inevitable that urges to explore Josephine Foster’s back catalogue are strong amongst some late-comers.  Yet it’s not an easy journey to navigate; with Foster’s past wares scattered between multiple labels (Locust Music, Bo’Weavil, Fire Records and others) … [Read more...]

The Decemberists – We All Raise Our Voices To The Air (Live Songs 04.11–08.11)

With The Decemberists having recently announced plans for a prolonged hiatus - to allow more time for literary ventures, musical side-projects, domestic obligations and medicinal recuperation - it’s somewhat inevitable that this new live compendium will be considered as some form of career showcasing milestone. This is no bad thing considering the … [Read more...]

Pulp – It, Freaks & Separations (2012 reissues)

Since belatedly finding fame on the back of 1994’s His ‘N’ Hers, Pulp founder Jarvis Cocker has often had an ambivalent and strained relationship with his recently reunited band’s early catalogue.  For Cocker, the hard slog of Pulp’s protracted formative phase against the backdrop of dole-stricken poverty, critical/commercial indifference, multiple … [Read more...]

Virginia Plane – s/t EP

It was three years ago that we last heard from Mary O. Harrison, the Georgia-based singer/songwriter who has recently recast herself as the driving force behind folk-pop outfit Virginia Plane.  Her one and only solo effort, Factory of Days (2008), was a fairly candid record – though imbued with occasional chamber pop flourishes, it dutifully stuck … [Read more...]

Hey Marseilles – Elegy EP

It’s about time we heard something from Hey Marseilles, the Seattle chamber pop septet whose debut first dropped in December of 2008.  The band’s earnest orchestrations quickly became the toast of indie music’s glitterati, earning them coveted spots at CMJ, Bumbershoot, NPR, and even Starbucks.  To some, Hey Marseilles was merely a Decemberists … [Read more...]

Lohio – Family Tree EP

No they’re not from Ohio, as their name might imply, they’re from Pittsburgh. And this quartet play a surprisingly upbeat blend of folk-pop and indie-rock. Lohio use a diverse mix of instruments (guitar, bass, piano, drums, organ, mandolin, bells, trumpet, piccolo, accordion, clarinet and french horn) to create a sunny, sing-along pop sound. … [Read more...]

The High Llamas – Talahomi Way

In a recent interview Irish guitarist/songwriter Sean O’Hagan noted that his band’s new album “Is a colourful record that has a spring feel at the start and an early spring evening feel at the end. There is reference to the pink evening sky.” While merely describing something obscurely aesthetic – without any reference to the actual sound of the … [Read more...]