Interview with Tim & Puma Mimi

Tim and Puma Mimi of the Swiss-Japanese electronic pop duo Tim & Puma Mimi are readying for the release of their latest album, Der Die Das, on January 27th via Mouthwatering Records. Lead single “Dupi Dough”, out December 2nd, is a special present, a song created as part of the soundtrack to an award-winning animated short film titled Ivan’s … [Read more...]

Martin Tillman – Superhuman

Renowned Swiss cellist and film soundtrack composer Martin Tillman may be best known for his film work as a composer and performer (The Dark Knight trilogy, Black Hawk Down, The Ring, The Da Vinci Code, and Pirates of the Caribbean series, including the highly-anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales), but he is also a solo … [Read more...]

Interview with Martin Tillman

Hello Martin!  I’m really excited to connect with you about your new album Superhuman and about your long and storied career as a world-renowned cellist and film soundtrack composer and performer.  You’ve accomplished so much so far in your musical journey, with over 77 film soundtrack credits to your name, a run of solo albums, compositions for TV … [Read more...]