Luna – Feral Child covers 7″ x 2

It’s testament to Luna’s heroic aptitude and adaptability for covers, spread across B-sides and other non-album avenues over the years, that the band’s studio comeback album A Sentimental Education - which is entirely made-up of other people’s material - didn’t seem like a lazy or disappointing cop-out to long-serving followers.  Not to confuse … [Read more...]

Snails – Safe In Silence

Although Bristol’s Snails may have pursued a release rate pattern at a pace on par with their gastropod namesakes, this long-awaited debut vinyl LP for Feral Child - which tardily follows 7" singles from 2011 and 2015 on The Great Pop Supplement - is surprisingly and pleasingly light on its feet.  Whilst the group was originally conceived as a duo … [Read more...]