The Workhorse III – Workhorse III

The Workhorse III are here to remind you of real rock n’ roll and what it used to bring to the table. There are moments where I find myself thinking of about fifteen types of rock it reminds me of, but am unable to pin it down because they’ve already moved on to the next rollicking riff. "Let it Begin" opens the album with good energy, prompting … [Read more...]

Q&A with Talitha of Life Size Ghost

Fresh off a summer tour, Talitha, the swank front-woman for Life Size Ghost, the indie band with a bluesy twist, tells us their story. What is the meaning behind the name Life Size Ghost? Our old roommate came up with the name.  He had a comic series he was working on and we decided to use the name for a unique band name. Your music is … [Read more...]