Mogwai – Rave Tapes

Mogwai’s newest offering, Rave Tapes, is a brooding masterpiece of a record. Its sonic swells and blacked out synths reveal an underbelly of maddening emotions hidden beneath the polished production. Reflecting the sadness of the past with little hope for the future, the tracks pound along in a minor key haze that manages to sedate and exhilarate … [Read more...]

Q&A with Tunabunny

Hi Brigette, Mary Jane, Scott, and Jesse!  Congrats on your 3rd and latest album, Genius Fatigue, which is out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.  I heard you’ve got a U.K tour coming up ASAP.  How is that looking and what are the essentials that you’ll be packing for this trip? Toothbrushes n undies. Also, a camping towel, umbrella and the … [Read more...]

Mandala Eyes – “Circles or Spirals?”

Florida based multi-instrumentalist Alex Alexander, better known by his stage name Mandala Eyes, has been releasing music ever since his first EP Living in 2010. Recently though, Alexander has started working on his latest project Cymatics. The first single of the ongoing project was released earlier this summer and is titled “Circles or … [Read more...]

Julia Holter – Tragedy (Reissue)

Julia Holter's Ekstasis was one of the most underrated albums of last year: an avant-pop masterpiece shamefully excluded from critics' year-end lists. If that record was a direct hit, then the Californian singer / songwriter's 2011 debut Tragedy was a near miss, only through its fractured, wavering nature. It found Holter marking her territory … [Read more...]

Pregnant – Pottery Mill

Pregnant, the moniker Daniel Trudeau adopted when he was about to become a father must be out of date by now but his imagination remains fertile as he draws on a broad palette of genres, instruments and effects to produce more muddled DIY compositions on this second release on Mush Records. Pottery Mill continues on the same experimental path as … [Read more...]

Efterklang at the Bowery Ballroom, NY 3/23/13

As a farewell to winter, New York's Bowery Ballroom hosted the unique melancholic space pop of Efterklang. Having wowed NY in September at the Metropolitan Museum of Art performing alongside the Wordless Orchestra, the city was clearly ready for another fix. Performing with a lineup featuring childhood friends; Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and … [Read more...]

Henry Fool – Men Singing

I’m the first to admit that jazz rarely appeals to me; I usually find it to be extremely repetitious, stagnant, and uninvolving. However, every once and awhile I come across an album that challenges my expectations with its inventive exploration, colorful timbres, and exceptional variety. Case in point: Men Singing, the newest release by Henry … [Read more...]

Vcheka – Vcheka

Vcheka are a band of mystery and shadowy political discourse. It’s no coincidence that their name resembles that of the first Soviet state secret police. With strange, at times menacing voice samples piercing through a barrage of psychedelic guitar riffs, and obscure song titles like “1919”, these Glasgow experimentalists command to look into the … [Read more...]

Interview with EDH

Hello EDH!  Your latest album, Yaviz, has been out since June on French boutique label Lentonia Records and distributed in the US by Nail. What have these past months been like for you since its release? It’s always scary to release a new album. I’m doing all the music alone, and suddenly I have to show what’s on my mind. You feel very … [Read more...]

Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

Simply naming an album Feels just seems like the most sincere and genuine ‘declaration’ Animal Collective could have ever come up with for their 2004 album. Subtly blunt, the masterpiece’s ebb and flow was a continuous outpour of rushing gusts (“Grass”), culminating and dynamic growers (“Banshee Beat”) and radiantly beautiful (“Loch Raven”) strokes … [Read more...]