Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Xenophanes

To call Omar Rodriguez Lopez’s musical output prolific – both as a solo artist and as a founding member of bands like At the Drive-In and the Mars Volta – might very well be an understatement; few if any guitarists can lay claim to having made appearances on more than two dozen recording projects in the past ten years, much less those with the … [Read more...]

Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights

One of the best topics amongst music fanatics is their choice of listening preference. Do you need to hear something in your car to form a valid opinion? Is listening to an album on a good pair of headphones worthwhile? Does it even matter if it’s blaring from your cheap computer speakers? If you ask me, the music of noise rock duo Lightning Bolt, … [Read more...]

The Mars Volta – Octahedron

When El Paso buddies Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez dismantled the increasingly successful At The Drive In in 2001 to form the Mars Volta, it touched off what would become a firestorm of activity for their new project. By embracing a robust yet nebulous form of musical experimentalism and eschewing nearly all precepts for mainstream … [Read more...]