Interview with Lapcat

Hello Cate, Jonas, and Hans!  Let’s jump straight into it.  Why did you decide to cover the classic “Roads” by Portishead?  Cate: Well, we all do like this band very much, but to be honest, it was just an accident… One of those things that just came together. Jonas: First of all, we never dreamt of actually covering Portishead. Truth is, it … [Read more...]

Port of Est. – Onyx Moon

The Portland, Maine-based duo Port of Est. just released this debut LP, on its own Delphinium Music label.  Hannah Tarkinson (vocals) and Todd Kitchens (producer, multi-instrumentalist) self-recorded Onyx Moon and it reveals that there’s more than one Portland of note on the musical map. The experimental twosome combine an analogue process with … [Read more...]

Conveyor – s/t

Migrating from the swamps and humid air of Florida to the bustling crowded elegance that is Brooklyn, New York is quite a stark contrast but was a necessary journey for the experimental pop quartet Conveyor. Recently signed to Paper Garden Records, Conveyor’s debut self-titled LP was released on Tuesday, July 17th. Borrowing from sounds mirroring … [Read more...]

AU – Both Lights

Portland’s AU is a study in juxtaposition. Over the course of two LPs, songwriter Luke Wyland and percussionist Dana Valatka have earned more than their fair share of Animal Collective comparisons by churning out genuinely freakish experimental folk music, but there’s also a preoccupation with Terry Riley-inspired minimalism that counteracts the … [Read more...]

Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror

In my full-time job as a middle school band director, I’m often afforded the singular opportunity to bridge the gap between my own listening preferences and those of my students. When we’re not preparing works by the luminaries of grade school wind band music (John O’Reilly, James Swearingen, Robert W. Smith, etc.), any number of other artists’ … [Read more...]

Julian Lynch – Terra

The reclamation of all the elements of 80's music that dated it must be nearly complete. Drum machines were only out for about half a decade, synths are more recently revived (and thriving), and there were some awesome pan flutes on that Odawas album from a few years back. The saxophone, perhaps the 80's instrument with the strongest negative … [Read more...]

Jen Olive – Warm Robot

Jen Olive is an excellent guitarist, and not just technically. She builds songs out of riffs - astutely tape-stitching them together until they ellipse, propel themselves forward, and end up resembling something musical. In fact that sums up Olive’s songwriting quirk as a whole, her debut album Warm Robot never plants both feet on the ground, … [Read more...]