Brontosaurus – Beware

Beware is the debut LP from the band interestingly named after one of the biggest herbivores to ever exist; Brontosaurus. ¬†Self-described as experimental pop; however, I stand in firm disagreement with them over that coinage. When I think of pop there is a sense of immediate accessibility and an air of tenuousness to the music. That is not to say … [Read more...]

Thulebasen – Gate 5

Figuring out exactly what drives Thulebasen is something I've found slightly more difficult than usual. Reading their press and interviews in assorted Danish papers and websites I found that their admitted influences are almost exclusively from Denmark, and those of you reading this who enjoy nothing more of a spring evening than researching early … [Read more...]

The Binary Marketing Show- Clues From The Past EP

It seems the Queens, NY based duo The Binary Marketing Show has been flying under the radar for some time now as this new EP is their 8th release. And I don't think Clues From The Past will change things for them very much. Not that their music isn't good, it's just somewhat of an acquired taste and apparently made for an eccentric and arty, … [Read more...]