Louder My Dear – What’s the Matter with You, Rock?

I had high hopes for Louder My Dear. It was the right mixture between digging the album cover and my coming back to DoA after my school-induced hiatus. I listened with eager ears. The debut from the Bostonians, however, had me wincing more than applauding. Musically, I think these guys are on the right track. Nothing groundbreaking, but they set … [Read more...]

The Fools – Lost and Found

If you’re checking this out expecting to read about a second coming by the Massachusetts-based New Wave act from the dawn of the 1980’s, you’ve decidedly come to the wrong place. Those Fools were the ones who took The Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” and turned it into a snide and rollicking parody entitled “Psycho Chicken,” replete with fowl sound … [Read more...]

City of Satellites – Machine Is My Animal

Hidden Shoal Recordings has been called "this generation’s 4AD" for good reason. Referring of course to the eclectic and cutting edge label of the early 80's (it’s current resurgence not withstanding). With music as the top priority, both labels are not afraid to experiment, and aspire to bring exposure to unique and talented bands while providing … [Read more...]

High Above The Storm – s/t

The debut album from British quartet High Above the Storm begins harmlessly enough, with magnetic synth tones that gradually give way to slightly more unsettling waveforms and simmering electronic textures. For a fleeting moment, it could even pass for one of the many pastoral moments on your favorite Brian Eno record. Yet it’s merely an exercise … [Read more...]

Asobi Seksu – Hush

To the culturally ignorant, Asobi Seksu may sound like the name of a Japanese singer-songwriter or perhaps a Japanese punk band. And though the moniker is colloquial Japanese for "casual sex", they are in fact a NYC quartet that specializes in fresh-sounding dream-pop with ethereal vocals, airy guitars and hushed indie-rock beats. The band’s … [Read more...]

Borys Dejnarowicz – Divertimento

The pseudo-minimalist compositions penned by Polish wunderkind Borys Dejnarowicz go down much easier than you might expect from a Steve Reich disciple. Gone are the 18 musicians, the phasing techniques, the plethora of hemiolas, and the esoteric connections to 12th century organum. Opting to strip away the academic muddle altogether, Dejnarowicz … [Read more...]