Short Takes on Three Albums

Club 8 – The People’s Record Labrador Records Johan Angergård is a musical multi-tasker extraordinaire – as head of Labrador Records in Sweden and as a member of the bands Acid House Kings, Club 8, and The Legends.  Club 8 is actually a duo consisting of Johan and vocalist Karolina  Komstedt (formerly of Poprace) and … [Read more...]

Jo Gabriel – Hunting Down the Ceremony

Singer-songwriter/pianist Jo Gabriel releases a 2-disc, 32-song compilation that spans most of her musical career, presenting a captivating collection that includes many rare tracks as well as newly-released songs, and features Jo’s airy, yearning, restlessly wavering vocals and her delicately flowing and stirring piano-playing (in essence, her … [Read more...]

Interview with Jo Gabriel

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hi Jo!  Your limited edition artist’s version of Fools and Orphans is very dear to me, and I reviewed the album here last year.  It contains key elements of your sound, including your graceful, but emotive vocals, stirring, poignant piano notes, and heartfelt lyrics.  You also have a new double-album out titled Hunting Down … [Read more...]