Short Takes on 3 EPs

Blood Red Shoes – Water EP Laura-Mary and Steven muddy the waters with a harder, fuzzed-out sound on their latest EP, an emphatic nod to hard rock and garage rock styles.  The inherent exuberance and defiance found on their earlier output is bogged down on Water by a sludgy sonic brew … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #3

Dangerous Muse – Red EP Electronic synth-pop artist Mike Furey, AKA Dangerous Muse, has been on the scene for a while, breaking through with MTV-approved “The Rejection” in 2006 and with an enticing video for “I Want It All” in 2009 (  Mike has released a string of singles and EPs, with 2 more EPs on … [Read more...]

Interview with Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane, the talented and versatile actor who is best known for his starring roles in the 2004 film The Punisher and in HBO’s Hung, has also won critical acclaim for his embodiment of Mickey Mantle in the Billy Crystal-directed 61* and his portrayal of Andre Stander in the indie film Stander.  Tom’s involvement in the entertainment industry … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 1 Album and 2 EPs

Tycho – Dive Ghostly International Dive was released on Ghostly International this past autumn and it’s the second album from Tycho, AKA Scott Hansen, a San Francisco-based graphic designer (with some assist on guitar and bass from Zac Brown, Matt McCord, and Dusty Brown).  After a teeth-grinding, eye-rolling day … [Read more...]

A Few My Nephew – s/t EP

This is a gentle, unpretentious, relaxing, “chill” EP.  It is, naturellement,  an EP, as if the album doesn’t want to overstay its welcome.  Most of the vocals are a mere few notches above a murmur, and the melodies take their time as they wind around and into your ear (the songs are all over the 4 minute mark). Nothing really takes you by surprise … [Read more...]

Q&A with Inca Gold

Hi guys! I’m thoroughly enjoying your first two EPs, Inca Gold I and Inca Gold II, which are part of a series of three EPs. Who’s in the band and what instruments do you play? How did you all meet up? We are Ezequiel Claverie (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards), Ben Chatwin (Guitars/Keyboards), Alex Lewis (Drums) & Chris Howarth (Bass). Alex: We … [Read more...]

Bodyfarm – Bodyfarm

Dutch band Bodyfarm was formed in 2009 by friends wanting to play death metal as it should sound and how they enjoy it, too. Their debut self titled EP is the proof of that aim and its success, a 4 track blast that is pure death metal without frills and spills. A conversation between drummer Quint Meerbeek and guitarist/vocalist Thomas Wouters on a … [Read more...]

Aficionado – When It Comes to Creation EP

The seven member insanity known as Aficionado astounded with their debut album, Circus Music, back in 2008. Combining the energy and horns of ska, the rebellious attitude of punk and the complexity and schizophrenic creativity of prog, it was damn near genius. While no official follow-up has been announced (fingers crossed), they have released a … [Read more...]

Simple – “Signs in the Sky”

Simple, also known as "A simple band" hail from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Their latest EP was recorded live for the local college radio station WKNC, North Carolina. The trio represents an eclectic style of  punk-pop, grunge, and indie that is raw in nature, upbeat, and overall fun. This can all be found in the single "Signs in the Sky." The … [Read more...]

June Release Dates

June 1 Active Child: Curtis Lane EP (Filter) Born Ruffians: Say It (Warp) The Futureheads: The Chaos (Nul/Dovecote) Land of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra: Monogamy (Constellation) Melvins: The Bride Screamed Muder (Ipecac) Sleepy Sun: Fever (ATP) Sleigh Bells: Treats (Mom + Pop) Television Personalities:  Memory Is Better … [Read more...]