Brokeback – Brokeback And The Black Rock

Originally conceived way back in 1995 as a stripped-down solo project for Doug McCombs - in-between duties for Tortoise and  Eleventh Dream Day - to explore the minimalistic and melodic possibilities of the 6-string bass guitar, Brokeback evolved into a far more sociable and eclectic enterprise over three studio albums between 1999 and … [Read more...]

Rackets And Fives – Roslyn

"I know this is all/I can't help wanting more" runs the lyric of album opener "Good Behaviour" just as the evocatively Mediterranean guitars are joined by a mariachi trumpet break straight out of a Morricone score. Less than sixty seconds into Roslyn, and Rackets And Fives are bringing a tangible sense of high drama into play. The song would work … [Read more...]

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Rome

Whilst it’s easy to feel suspicious that Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton's ubiquity can too readily be mistaken for an instant stamp of quality, credibility and hipness, it’s hard not to argue that there is something special about his role as a roving producer, arranger and collaborator.  Certainly, his studio support to Beck yielded an absolute gem in … [Read more...]

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – White Lunar

With a shared connection to Australian melancholy and melodrama (as well as being susceptible to ill-advised facial hair and drug-addiction) it was perhaps inevitable that Dirty Three lynchpin Warren Ellis would eventually become Nick Cave’s (red) right hand man, especially when veteran Bad Seeds Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld quit their chief … [Read more...]