Body or Brain – Second Star to the Right

Body or Brain put on their emo pants and deliver a debut album that runs 19 1/2 minutes. Emo isn't generally a favorable genre in critic's circles, for a variety of reasons, so Body or Brain already have that working against them. Emo is a cookie cutter brand of music; you know what you're getting from the start, with the bombastic power chords, … [Read more...]

This Fair City – Broken Surfaces EP

This Fair City describes its music as a Fugazi meets Sunny Day Real Estate ala Eastern Block. Thinking I missed some influential punk band called Eastern Block, I did some searching. But the band is referring to a European folk influence, presumably due to the ever-present viola that softens the band’s post-punk feel nicely. I don’t get an Eastern … [Read more...]

Scream Hello – Everything is Always Still Happening

I should hate Scream Hello and so should you.  Everything is Always Still Happening is full of cheap hooks and whiny emo vocals.  Bands like this should've died in the late 90s. Then again, maybe that's why I don't hate them.  There's nothing like this around anymore, and, if you're over the age of 21, bands like this transport you back to a time … [Read more...]