Sigur Rós – Valtari Global Listening Party

On the night of Thursday, May 17th, at 7pm to be precise, Icelandic wonder-band Sigur Rós hosted a Global Listening Party for upcoming 6th studio album Valtari, which was streamed in full at the appointed hour across all time zones.  Since I always seem to be late to the party, I joined in the festivities with the airing of the 2nd song and without … [Read more...]

Keren Ann – “My Name Is Trouble” video

International singer-songwriter Keren Ann has released a video for “My Name Is Trouble”, a song off her latest acclaimed album titled 101.  In the video Keren Ann austerely vogues to a light dance-pop beat, surrounded by a bevy of ethnically diverse, but expressionless male beauties, vaguely referencing Madonna’s seminal “Vogue” video. The … [Read more...]

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Rome

Whilst it’s easy to feel suspicious that Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton's ubiquity can too readily be mistaken for an instant stamp of quality, credibility and hipness, it’s hard not to argue that there is something special about his role as a roving producer, arranger and collaborator.  Certainly, his studio support to Beck yielded an absolute gem in … [Read more...]

The Unthanks – Here’s The Tender Coming

I could be uninformed, but I can’t think of many folk records that have benefited from an hour-long running time, or multiple tracks surging past the eight minute mark. The genre has always existed in a sparse, naturalistic world – and the albums that have pulled off the extended style well (Ys and The Cloud of Unknowing come to mind) are anything … [Read more...]

Marillion – Happiness Is The Road Volume 2: The Hard Shoulder

With Essence (the first volume of Happiness Is The Road), Marillion showed that they could succeed at writing simpler, catchy songs without losing their uniqueness. For the second volume, The Hard Shoulder, they chose to be more experimental by extending track lengths, adding weird sounds and rocking out more. The result is neither better nor worse … [Read more...]

Marillion – Happiness Is The Road Volume 1: Essence

Marillion have often been compared to early period Genesis, and for good reason. After Genesis lost members and turned towards a more commercial pop sound, Marillion continued their proggy side in the 1980s. Similarly, when lead singer Fish left in 1988, the band also went for a more pop sound, which they still maintain today. The first volume of … [Read more...]