Wooden Arms – Trick Of The Light

In my most used music player, the one that I place albums and tracks into for reviewing purposes, there is an unnamed album file containing six also unnamed tracks, an album that I've had for about three years and which every so often I play once more. It is a bit unusual musically, a mixture of alt.folk and orchestral strings that isn't really … [Read more...]

Elvis Costello – Unfaithful Music (compilation)

Released to coincide with a self-authored biography of his life and music, thirty-eight tracks seems insufficient when the now approaching four-decade career of Elvis Costello is the matterĀ under discussion. It's easy to know where to begin, in 1977, when with his then backing band The Attractions, a bespectacled and nervously energetic Buddy Holly … [Read more...]

Comet Gain – Paperback Ghosts

Since their first releases in the early 1990s, Comet Gain have ploughed an erratically individualistic furrow alongside any other more well known Britpop band you can remember. Less cynical than The Beautiful South, less satirical than Pulp, as lyrical if less self regarding as Morrissey, their music has found fewer admirers than you might expect. … [Read more...]

Ravishers – “I’m Him”

With "I'm Him", Ravishers give us a cool, calm intro to their new self-tiled album. Hailing from Portland, OR, this group surprises the listener. The cover shows a woman presumably at a party, laughing mid-drink so we're to assume this is the next dance floor craze. This track is a gentle, low end tale of going unnoticed, if you think anything less … [Read more...]