Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Delivered EP

Although forthcoming third LP Mid Thirties Single Scene might change things, Craig Dermody’s still offputtingly-named outfit has yet to properly excel as an albums-centric enterprise. However, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding have commendably dispensed a series of more durable short-form releases into the currently fertile Australia’s DIY music world … [Read more...]

Skyline Pigeons – House of Mysteries

This is a sonically lush album, heavy on the reverb, that at times comes weirdly close to evoking The Cowboy Junkies’ classic Trinity Sessions. While some of the songs risk being serious downers, there is always a little pep just around the corner. According to their Facebook page, the Skyline Pigeons sing songs that “reflect personal stories of … [Read more...]

Steven Drozd – The Heart Is a Drum Machine

What is music?  The question - though examined by countless musicians, scientists, and philosophers over the centuries – continues to befuddle humans with its indeterminate and often esoteric properties.  More perplexing still is the mystery of why we are so obsessively drawn to music.  It’s easy to side with Leonard Bernstein, who once famously … [Read more...]