Hologram Teen – Marsangst EP

I was listening to the four tracks on the Hologram Teen EP and, mostly as the music is the work of former Stereolab keyboardist Morgan Lhote, I not only found myself recalling how much I liked Stereolab, right from the very first time I heard "French Disko", but also wondering exactly what kind of band Stereolab actually were. Already … [Read more...]

Forest Fire – Screens

Following up their 2011 album Staring At The X wasn't ever going to prove an easy recording session. Forest Fire's second album is an understated masterpiece of electronics, cleverly phrased songwriting and reverberating production, an album that may have left several of their contemporaries licking their wounds as the NY band quite purposefully … [Read more...]

The Amsterdams – Electromagnetica

When an eastern European band name themselves after a well known Dutch city which many of us have visited, this inevitably raises at least one eyebrow amongst critics and fans alike. Why are they calling themselves this? The Amsterdams aren't alone in taking their name from another place that's far from their own location, such as new Atlanta band … [Read more...]

RYAT – Avant Gold

Philadelphia has a storied past, but in terms of pop culture, the most frequently visited topics are probably Rocky, The Fresh Prince, and those irresistible hoagies.  If Christina McGeehan – a.k.a. Christina Ryat, a.k.a. Ryat - has a say in the matter though, you might also add electropop to the City of Brotherly Love’s accolades.  Were you to … [Read more...]

Cut Copy – Zonoscope

Music critics of this day and age are given to a fair amount of whining about how oversaturated the marketplace is (or perhaps, the iTunes store) with bands that tout a dance angle when promoting their respective aesthetics.  True enough, there’s a bevy of acts in operation today who have taken a page from the playbook of The Killers and Franz … [Read more...]

El Guincho – Pop Negro

Is El Guincho the primogenitor of chillwave? The Spanish producer was making his watery, carnival-esque tunes long before 2009’s explosion of whitey bedroom-pop. His hyperactive, childlike beats and watery voice sound a lot more epochal now than they did a few years ago - giving the listener a glance into a foreign childhood, incorporating the … [Read more...]

Geographer – Animal Shapes

When the indie kids put down their guitars and start toying around with synthesizers and drum machines, more often than not it comes out a little dampened. Sad electro-pop was always a ‘thing’ but not nearly to the brooding, pacing-around-the-empty-bedroom levels of slow-burning angst that bands like The Postal Service and Junior Boys brought to … [Read more...]