New Album and Video from Iglomat out now

Iglomat - "King Of The Sun" (video) To coincide with the release of Iglomat's 3rd album the band have produced a new video for the track "King Of The Sun": "King Of The Sun" features  haunting vocal performances from  Rachel Sermanni and Jennifer Austin. Rachel is one of the UK's most respected young singer songwriters and  Iglomat are … [Read more...]

Jane Weaver – The Silver Globe

With so much music swirling around in obvious and less obvious places, inevitably there are some extremely good records that aren't getting heard as they should, albums that are known to only to industry insiders, devoted fans and those fortunate enough to have found them by chance. One favourite album of my own, Abby GoGo's eponynous 2010 album … [Read more...]

Third album from Iglomat due in July

Post-rock electronica project Iglomat is back with its third album, Iglomat III, to be released July 27th on KFM Records.  The songs off the upcoming album are full of melodic, involving instrumentals, but also include some engaging vocal performances.  At its start, the project, co-founded by David Jack, was centered on two guitars and the sounds … [Read more...]

Cary Grace – Tygerland

Since releasing her first album in 2004, Cary Grace has continued to make and produce music that takes its influences from a range of sources wider than that of many other musicians. Country and blues rock, progressive and space rock, folk and experimental inspirations are all to be found within the music she has recorded over the last decade. … [Read more...]

P60 – Models

With a few notable exceptions, past releases on the hive-minded Second Language label have tended to veer towards the bucolic side of psychogeographical exploration.  Yet whilst this has served us well over the last six or so years, 2015’s planned spread of wares promises to push more urban and electronically-inclined artists to the fore.  If this … [Read more...]

Ormonde – Cartographer/Explorer

I listened to Cartographer/Explorer and wondered about exactly how I could write about it. Most of the albums I hear and that I write about lend themselves easily to a review article, but Ormonde have given me something to think about with this release. Right from the first minute or so of opening track "Beach" it's obvious that Robert Gomez and … [Read more...]

Wormwood – Microdot

The only thing I don't quite get about Wormwood is their name. Their music delves into various strands of electronica, into TripHop, Ambient and Dub and while I won't go on about it "wormwood" , whichever meaning of the word the Canadian duo decided is the most accurate for them, suggests something much darker and gloomy than the actual music on … [Read more...]

Eat Lights Become Lights – Into Forever

A year can be a long time for super-prolific latter-day kosmische disciples.  And the last 12 months have certainly seen a seemingly inexhaustible supply of such purveyors' wares (especially through The Great Pop Supplement’s sister label Deep Distance, which has slipped out some seriously salivating and collectible releases from the likes of … [Read more...]

Keel Her – self-titled

With a home-recording productivity rate to rival Robert Pollard, the prolific Brighton-based Rose Keeler-Schäffeler has furnished the musical world with a large body of work in a relatively short space of time.  Until now though, her output under the Keel Her alias has been scattered across Soundcloud streams, Bandcamp downloads, limited edition … [Read more...]

Robin Saville – Public Flowers

Since forming ISAN with Antony Ryan in 1996, Robin Saville has forged a esoteric path in European electronica that has embraced technology - both retro and modern - to deliver an extensive body of work that is notable for its intimacy, intelligence, invention and playfulness.  With 2008’s debut solo album Peasgood Nonsuch - on the loveable Static … [Read more...]