No:Carrier – “Your Heroin”

The collaborative project No:Carrier is the invention of Los Angeles-based artist Chris Wirsig.  Wirsig began No: Carrier in 1995 and it since morphed into a duo with Cynthia Wechselberger, and currently is a six-piece for the recent release Broken Rainbow: Songs For An Apocalyptic World.  Wirsig and Wechselberger are joined by Lauralee Brown, … [Read more...]

Scatter Factory – self-titled

As it begins, the opening track of Scatter Factory's album "Catatonic Voyage" seems as if it could take nearly any musical direction. The atonal and metallic first twenty seconds might lead into some clubby drum and bass electronica, a country-psyche guitar number, or even a full on prog rock anthem. In the event, "Catatonic Voyage" does none of … [Read more...]

Interview with Lapcat

Hello Cate, Jonas, and Hans!  Let’s jump straight into it.  Why did you decide to cover the classic “Roads” by Portishead?  Cate: Well, we all do like this band very much, but to be honest, it was just an accident… One of those things that just came together. Jonas: First of all, we never dreamt of actually covering Portishead. Truth is, it … [Read more...]

Interview with TRUE

Hello Dani and Rico!  It’s so good to have the chance to touch base with you about your enticing and lively synth-pop/electronic music and upcoming debut album, Wrapped In Air, which will be delivered September 23rd on Mouthwatering Records.  How would you describe your sound? Dani: Our sound is like the crackle in the air when two people meet. … [Read more...]

Interview with Vibrissae

Portland, Oregon-based Vibrissae is slated to release its enchanting debut album Somewhere Away in August via Vipchoyo Sound Factory.  On the full-length, Vibrissae offers up a sonically accomplished and stylistically varied batch of songs that meld or alternate between electronic and synth-based sounds and guitar-driven shoegaze.  Band members … [Read more...]

Interview with Totemic

Hello Doug!  It’s so great to touch base with you about your fantastic drum & bass-driven Falling EP which recently dropped.  You’re a man of many talents – DJ, producer, music artist – and you specialize in violin, which you incorporate into the drum & bass mix.  How would you describe the sound or style of your new EP? I would describe … [Read more...]

Short Takes (On Dead Waves, Nick Urb, Temporary Hero & Jack the Radio)

On Dead Waves - “Blackbird” Singer-songwriter Polly Scattergood has united with her friend James Chapman (AKA electronica practitioner MAPS), for the new musical venture of On Dead Waves. Scattergood and Chapman have unveiled the (dis)quietly and hypnotically mesmerizing “Blackbird” (and its video) from their upcoming album slated for release … [Read more...]

Vic Mars – The Land And The Garden

All the (doubtlessly tiresome) ‘Dad’ stories that you may have heard about how, in the glory years of vinyl, we would recklessly purchase an album based entirely upon the merits of its sleeve art are scandalously true. Band unknown, we heedlessly cast our pennies upon the record shop counter sure in the knowledge that ‘album cover good equals band … [Read more...]

Williamson – Backesto Park

Down-tempo electronic artist Williamson may have dropped his first name Wade from his musical moniker, but he doesn’t drop a flat note on his warm and gently mind-expanding album Backesto Park, which was released mid-October.  Williamson has worked as a studio artist for several years and has had his material featured in Cameron Crowe’s film Aloha … [Read more...]

New EP from artist d.oh

d.oh is the musical moniker of one Daniel Oh, a Canadian, rock, blues, jazz, and pop-influenced electronic artist who created his hybrid sound when he was experimenting with music in his bedroom. Between and during classes at the University of Toronto, Daniel has been fervently pursuing his true passion - music.  His new, self-deprecatingly titled … [Read more...]