Short Takes (Jane In Space, Mac Gollehon, The Departure, & Ajay Mathur)

Jane in Space – “Feel it Alive” The members of the industrial-rock-inclined Jane in Space may pound the pavement of New York City, but their sound is in the amorphous atmosphere above the Earth.  The act’s self-titled debut album is slated for lift-off on August 19th.  The trio is composed of Tom Vickers (vocals), a known actor and voice-over … [Read more...]

Interview with Bryan Deister

I’m really taken by your album, Spines of the Heart. I’m looking forward to finding out more about you and your music. Where are you at the moment and how are you doing? I’m in Boston attending the Berklee College of Music and am doing fine, thanks for asking. Spines of the Heart was released this past December and it’s rife with atmospheric, … [Read more...]

Dangerous Muse – “Fame Kills” video

Mike Furey has unveiled a ‘spectacular Spectacular’ (to borrow a phrase from Baz Luhrmann’s  Moulin Rouge) for “Fame Kills” under his music project moniker Dangerous Muse.  The original song debuted in 2011 and is a thrillingly epic electro-synth track that is achingly melancholic and dreamily romantic – and totally danceable.  “Fame Kills” … [Read more...]

Paul Weller – More Modern Classics

Sifting through reviews that attempt to categorize Paul Weller’s More Modern Classics, released on Harvest Records  (2014), and halted by jeers from reader receptions that run something like  “this load of waffle left me fucking clueless" and  “stop this pile of piffle and tell us what we'll get for our hard-earned", I do feel pressure to get it … [Read more...]

Interview with Dangerous Muse

Hi Mike!  I’m so psyched ‘n’ enthused to be interviewing you regarding your electronic rock project Dangerous Muse.  It’s been a super-busy time for you since the release of Red this past November, the 1st of 3 EPs which will be compiled into your debut album.  What’s the vibe like for you now?  It's great to see how people are reacting to the … [Read more...]

Interview with Does It Offend You, Yeah?

Hiya Dan!  I’ve had the grand pleasure of hearing both of your band’s albums, the 2008 debut You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into and 2011’s Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You, and you definitely redefine and realign what is labeled ‘electronic rock’ these days! Your latest album is extremely aurally varied compared to your debut. What … [Read more...]

Illdisposed – There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

There Is Light (But It's Not For Me) is the tenth studio album from Danish death metalers Illdisposed, who started way back in the dark days of 1991. And, with that knowledge, my first thought as a newcomer to the band is how fresh they sound, as their tracks on the album have a vibrancy that is found more often within new bands, rather than … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 EPs

Batwings Catwings – Peacock Collection EP Indian Gold Records L.A.-based Batwings Catwings recently released this EP on Indian Gold Records and the band throws down 4 energetic and enticing tracks where dance-pop pep and melody mixes equally with punk rock menace and noise. The urge is great to shout along with … [Read more...]

Pale Sketcher – Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

More improbable transformations have taken place, but it would be hard to introduce an uninformed listener to both Godflesh and Pale Sketcher and expect that listener to conclude they were both the brainchild of the same person. Even Jesu has been too much of a departure for many of Justin Broadrick’s earlier fans, trading in the aggressive for the … [Read more...]


It’s a daunting task to approach a band’s overtly-proclaimed concept album for a casual spin when it’s meant to be listened to for deep layers of meaning.  Such is the case for the second album by Italian band N.A.M.B. (the band says that what the acronym stands for varies, but “Noise And Music Bombshell” could be appropriate). To quote the … [Read more...]