Olivia – “I Choose This Love”

Canadian Olivia started writing songs and performing at the tender age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since.  Each year her star shines brighter and brighter with increasing acclaim and airplay of her music.  The artist’s recent EP, Weightless, won the top pop award in the Unsigned Only Competition. Her songs “Outshine the Stars” and “Christmas … [Read more...]

Interview with Lapcat

Hello Cate, Jonas, and Hans!  Let’s jump straight into it.  Why did you decide to cover the classic “Roads” by Portishead?  Cate: Well, we all do like this band very much, but to be honest, it was just an accident… One of those things that just came together. Jonas: First of all, we never dreamt of actually covering Portishead. Truth is, it … [Read more...]

Port of Est. – Onyx Moon

The Portland, Maine-based duo Port of Est. just released this debut LP, on its own Delphinium Music label.  Hannah Tarkinson (vocals) and Todd Kitchens (producer, multi-instrumentalist) self-recorded Onyx Moon and it reveals that there’s more than one Portland of note on the musical map. The experimental twosome combine an analogue process with … [Read more...]

Ummagma – “Lama”

Canadian-Ukrainian dream-pop duo Ummagma is set to release its drifting and uplifting Frequency EP November 13 on Raphalite Records.  Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov are partners in music and marriage, and together they have forged an engaging union of electronic, synth, and guitar-based pop that captives with Shauna’s delightful light and … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Yassou, Qualia, Elessar Theissen & Andre Chrys)

Yassou – “To Win/ Young Blood” San Francisco/New York-based, experimental indie-pop outfit Yassou (formerly named Yassou Benedict) offers a twofer with “To Win/Young Blood” in a video-only format for the release of the songs.  This video is the second in a series of 5 songs that Yassou is delivering in video form.  Band members Lilie Bytheway … [Read more...]

Interview with Hopscotch

Hi Angela!  It’s so good to touch base with you about your super-fine and super-chill recently released Archer EP and Remixes.  What label is it on and what has the reception to it been like? This project went out 100% for free from no label at all. This one was all about the fans, and for a chance to collaborate with a broad range of other … [Read more...]

Interview with Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne

  Hello Pete!  I’m absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to ask you a few questions about your spectacularly poptastic recent album Music and Words by Saint Etienne that has been out on Heavenly since May.  It’s a concept album and the ultimate fan love letter to pop music, where you hit the highlights of the soundtrack of our … [Read more...]

Saint Etienne – “I’ve Got Your Music” video

British nouveau-retro electronic-pop trio Saint Etienne is back after a 7-year hiatus with its 8th studio album, the descriptively bland, but aptly titled Words and Music by Saint Etienne.  Released in May on Heavenly Records, this concept album of melodic dance-pop and fleet disco beats contains lyrics that read like pages from an ultimate pop … [Read more...]

Two Suns – Self-Addressed EP

Jake Davidson (Two Suns), is a good old-fashioned (sort-of) bedroom rocker. He does his job as a dad, then tucks away to make some homemade recordings. This being 2011, he's removed the acoustic ballads of typical homemade tapes and created an electronic album. This is a labor of love for Davidson, and it's refreshing to hear something both … [Read more...]