Wires Under Tension – Light Science

When last we heard from Christopher Tignor, it was in the days immediately following the release of Tomorrow Becomes You, the third studio release under the Slow Six moniker.  For most of the 21st century’s first decade, the New York-based band deftly towed the line between classical and popular music, taking the experimental dash of composers like … [Read more...]

On (Reworked by Fennesz) – Something That Has Form and Something That Does Not

On is the duo of experimental percussionist Steven Hess and experimental guitarist Sylvain Chauveau. For previous releases, they’ve recorded sessions of improvisation together and then passed the tapes on to another experimental musician to work up as they please. With Something That Has Form and Something That Does Not, that approach hasn’t … [Read more...]

Fenn O’Berg – In Stereo

Sometimes it takes a release like In Stereo to make you realize how much you’ve changed. With their last album coming nine years ago, laptop trio Fenn O’Berg now sounds like an almost completely altered beast. Gone is the anything goes pastiche and incongruity of Magic and Return, replaced with a more cerebral and settled mood which sounds both … [Read more...]

Interview with Christopher Tignor of Slow Six

Adam Costa: How did you first become exposed to and interested in classical music as a child?  It seems like classical music has had a significant effect on your work as a member of Slow Six. Christopher Tignor: The short answer is my mother.  She got me playing violin when I was three years old, and the rest of my brothers were all signed up … [Read more...]

Slow Six – Tomorrow Becomes You

Rock bands with a jones for classical music are nothing new to us; ever since the Beatles set aside their guitars to make room for the string octets on “Yesterday” and “Eleanor Rigby,” popular music has flirted with – and in some cases, gone head over heels for – the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven. Yet whether your point of reference is Jimmy Page … [Read more...]

Nicola Ratti – Ode

Music is a form of cooperation. Rhythm is the most frequently used means of fostering that end along a continuum of time. Melody is the linear sequencing of pitches, and feeds off of a common key and scale. Harmony is the simultaneous layering of pitches together to create more complex musical relationships. Music built on these rational notions of … [Read more...]

Sleep Whale – Little Brite EP

Melding together the disparaging worlds of electronic and acoustic music is not a task easily assumed. Many times, a disproportionate amount of either one will result in some sort of New Age drivel that's better left on the shelf of your local Hallmark store. Thankfully, the post-rock underpinnings of Denton, TX-based Sleep Whale are far removed … [Read more...]