Short Takes on 4 Songs

Monks of Mellonwah – “Never Been Good” Australian alt-rock/pop four-piece Monks of Mellonwah has been going strong since 2009, releasing EPs (Stars are Out (2010), Neurogenesis(2012), and Sky & the Dark Night (2013)) and acclaimed debut album, Turn the People, in 2014.  John de la Hoyde (bass), Joseph de la Hoyde (guitar), Joshua Bassari … [Read more...]

Album out from darkwave/electronic band RxGF

For several decades now the Pacific Northwest has been a fresh source of innovative and boundary-pushing music, and since 2010 Seattle native and musical veteran, John Morgan Reilly, has been continuing that tradition through his music project RxGF and his eccentric brand of songwriting.  He is joined by Angeline Schaaf on lead vocals  and she … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 Songs

  RxGF – “How To Make It” RxGF is the electro-darkwave industrial project of John Morgan Reilly and he’s found a striking artistic match in frontwoman Angeline Schaff for his third album release.  Like Butch Vig searching high and low and finally discovering Shirley Manson, John has uncovered Angelina and the rewarding result is the … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 3 Albums

Tropic Of Cancer – Restless Idylls This much-anticipated debut album from Tropic Of Cancer (AKA Camella Lobo) was released in September on the Blackest Ever Black record label.  Camella’s occasionally compelling mix of the coldwave and goth genres, however, doesn’t quite gel on this album.  The problem is two-fold and involves the instrumental … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #4

Metal Mother – Ionika Taara Tati, the creative visionary behind Metal Mother, released her sophomore album, Ionika, on her own record label, Post Primal, in mid-April.  Her moniker ‘Metal Mother’ is misleading on the surface because the word ‘metal’ doesn’t refer to a music genre, but instead refers to the strength it takes to be a maternal life … [Read more...]

Fake Furs – -1 EP

I often get emails from bands asking me to listen to and review their new album/EP/song; and I always get a slight feeling of trepidation as I open the website or download the tracks, before the first listen. It’s an amazing relief when what comes out of the speakers is, musically speaking, a bit of a gem, and so it was with the Fake Furs’ debut EP … [Read more...]

Matthew Dear – Black City

2007’s Asa Breed saw Matthew Dear reassign the priorities of his solo identity. The funky microhouse and techno minimalism which served to structure his first two solo albums was repurposed to serve as the hooky color of an album filled with pop arrangements. Dear’s vocals moved to the fore, singing verses and choruses like a confident frontman, … [Read more...]

Latest Single and Video from My First Earthquake

After racking up a cool 40,000+ views of “Cool In The Cool Way,” its ode to hipster body snatchers, San Francisco’s My First Earthquake has dropped “Outta The Band” the latest single and video from its popular full-length debut, Downstairs, produced by Anthony Molina of Mercury Rev. The clip (directed and edited by Eric Slatkin) is a two-minute, … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO#17

A fellow enthusiast once advised this writer to "unplug the drip" of the music world in the wake of university years working in the student newspaper's music section and upon the inaugural publication of a long-forgotten photocopied fanzine.  Maybe this friend was trying benevolently - albeit in vain - to stop another fanatic being tethered too … [Read more...]

Avenpitch – Cast Off

Brass circus instruments quickly swell in and then out as they ring in a pulsing 8-bit soundtrack. The clean guitar lick, rushing drum machine beat and half yelped lyrics, followed by a big infectious chorus featuring distored guitars, catchy synths and that ever pulsating electronic beat rushes in. This is the basic template for Avenpitch's sound … [Read more...]