French duo Melanie Moran and Julien Camarena released their stunning self-titled debut album in Europe in autumn of 2011, with Lentonia issuing a U.S. release this past April.  UNISON is composed of storming electro-noir soundscapes swirled with a compelling atmosphere of expansive sonic lulls and topped with Melanie’s sweetly beguiling vocals.  … [Read more...]

Interview with UNISON

Salut Mélanie and Julien!  Thanks so much for doing this interview with me during such an exciting time for you.  Your magnificent self-titled debut album came out in your native France, and the rest of Europe, in September 2011 – and it will be released in the U.S. in April on Lentonia Records.  You are originators of a musical style known as … [Read more...]

Bryan Baker – Nothing Falls from the Sky but You and I

On his Myspace page, songwriter and heretofore jazz guitarist Bryan Baker asserts that his latest batch of new material “sounds like everything he has ever listened to.”  It may read like a fairly insolent claim, but if you think of all of the artists who have been gradually pigeonholed by their relatively narrow list of influences, you have to … [Read more...]

Sweet Trip – You Will Never Know Why

If you think waiting two years between albums by one of your favorite bands or musicians is a long time, try waiting for six. In mid-2003, Sweet Trip released Velocity : Design : Comfort, a sprawling and sensuous album filled with breathy, angelic vocals; bubbling, skittering electronics; Technicolor synths; klangy guitar frameworks; blurry … [Read more...]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

The fact that the whole thing commences with a warbling synthesizer, is enough reason to realize that this is an electronically-infused album. But like fellow New Yorkers, TV on the Radio, what Yeah Yeah Yeahs are king/queen for is creating album after album with a completely new sound. Even their EPs have been able to take on a life of their own … [Read more...]

Franz Ferdinand – Tonight

Everyone was in love with Franz Ferdinand five years ago, yeah FIVE years. That’s how long it has been since the band’s self-titled debut hit the music world. I remember staying up late one night and seeing their cartoon-ish, low-budget video for “Take Me Out” and all I could remember is how cool that tempo change was. They received high praise … [Read more...]