Olivia – “I Choose This Love”

Canadian Olivia started writing songs and performing at the tender age of 11 and hasn’t looked back since.  Each year her star shines brighter and brighter with increasing acclaim and airplay of her music.  The artist’s recent EP, Weightless, won the top pop award in the Unsigned Only Competition. Her songs “Outshine the Stars” and “Christmas … [Read more...]

Interview with Ian Button and Robert Rotifer of Gare du Nord Records

The most intriguingly varied of the new indie imprints, the collective-led Gare du Nord label offers an ebullient synthesis of sounds; from the Kinksesque vibe of Rotifer, the wide-eyed electro wonder of Deerful, via Ralegh Long’s esoteric singer-songwriting to the critically acclaimed early-‘70s stylings of Papernut Cambridge, among a wagon of … [Read more...]

Interview with TRUE

Hello Dani and Rico!  It’s so good to have the chance to touch base with you about your enticing and lively synth-pop/electronic music and upcoming debut album, Wrapped In Air, which will be delivered September 23rd on Mouthwatering Records.  How would you describe your sound? Dani: Our sound is like the crackle in the air when two people meet. … [Read more...]

Interview with Beauty In The Breakdown

L.A.-based electro-pop outfit Beauty In The Breakdown is on the way to breaking out big-time with the release of its debut EP, Neon.  The act is led by energetic and enthralling frontwoman Chastity Ashley (vocals, percussion) who is joined by Ian Alexander (guitar), Alexandria Reyes (bass), and Tim “Sonix” Rouse (keyboards, synths).  Ashley is a … [Read more...]

Future Elevators – self-titled

No one is ever going to say that making relevant, literate and even challenging new electronic-based music is an easy task. As a large number of performers and producers have discovered in the five or so years since Foster The People set a benchmark for modern pop music, all the equipment, the keyboards, the synths and sequencers, the studio time … [Read more...]

Fred Colombo – The Road EP

Fred Colombo is a French-Italian songwriter and musician who has branched out in different directions over the years because of his disparate stylistic influences.  Colombo is known for his compositional and performance contributions to the progressive metal bands Spheric Universe Experience, Artefact, and Ghostfather.  His background, however, is … [Read more...]

Port of Est. – Onyx Moon

The Portland, Maine-based duo Port of Est. just released this debut LP, on its own Delphinium Music label.  Hannah Tarkinson (vocals) and Todd Kitchens (producer, multi-instrumentalist) self-recorded Onyx Moon and it reveals that there’s more than one Portland of note on the musical map. The experimental twosome combine an analogue process with … [Read more...]

Interview with Flaunt

Heya Justin and Joseph!  It’s so cool to catch up with you during this exciting time with the ‘it-just-happened’ release of your new album Rave Noir.  It’s an ambitious and accomplished album that spans 18 tracks of disparate music genres – and you’re also in the midst of releasing an accompanying video for each song.  How is the whole process … [Read more...]

Band & The Beat – “Straight & Narrow” b/w “Jimmy’s Jam”

Band & The Beat is the husband and wife team of Tracy and James Tritten who create lo-fi yet pleasantly alluring dream-pop that caresses the ears with percolating electronics, bright extended synth washes, drum machines, and Tracy’s soft light vocals. Tracy was formerly known as Tracy Shedd, an artist on the Teen Beat and New Granada record … [Read more...]

Ramsey – “2am”

L.A.-installed electronic-pop artist Ramsey is a rising star, stirring up the blogosphere and racking up a huge number of visits to her SoundCloud profile, amassing critical and fan praise alike.  Her first salvo was the rivetingly raw and mysteriously menacing “See You Bleed” and now Ramsey returns in the same spirit with the potently ominous … [Read more...]