The Library Of Babel – self-titled

The Library Of Babel are guitarist Shane Parish, bassist Frank Meadows and cellist Emmalee Hunnicutt, and their self-titled album is their first actual release on the singularly eclectic Blue Tapes label, known for its promotion of experimental musicians such as Stillsuit, Trupa Trupa and Tashi Dorji and for its challenging and often dissonant … [Read more...]

Duke Garwood / Wooden Wand – split LP

Whilst split-singles have been an on/off quick-fix staple for independent labels over the years - to showcase artists in tandem or to celebrate musical kinship - split-albums are a less frequent proposition.  This is perhaps due to the dominance of CDs across the last two decades, given that a vinyl LP side apiece lends itself better to a … [Read more...]

Mountains – Air Museum

After sticking to laptop-treated acoustic sources for their first five years together, organic soundscapers Mountains, the duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, have changed up their method on cleverly titled new album Air Museum. Leaving the software behind, they now stretch and tweak their sources with analog equipment like pedals and … [Read more...]

Careful – Oh, Light

Chances are slim that you would purchase the new disc by  Careful – aka polymath Eric Lindley – without first performing a little perfunctory research. In all likelihood though, your enjoyment of his sophomore LP will exponentially increase if you can disregard the nonplussing backstory. Say what you will, but there’s a certain level of … [Read more...]

Nudge – As Good As Gone

As Good As Gone, Nudge’s fourth full-length, arrives 4 years after their previous album, 2005’s Cached, and a plethora of activity from its contributors. Brian Foote, the only member who plays on all of the tracks here, has been putting together some DJ mixes as Leech, running the small label Audraglint, touring with friends’ projects, and … [Read more...]

Robert Hampson – Vectors

Robert Hampson was the singer/guitarist for droning space-rockers Loop and a member of dark ambient duo Main. While I was and still am a huge fan of Loop's work (you definitely want to check out albums like A Gilded Eternity and  the recently reissued Fade Out and Heaven's End if you're a fan of Spacemen 3 and CAN) I am not all that familiar with … [Read more...]