Mark McGuire – Living With Yourself

You hear the innocent little boy speaking over the pristine chord, both seemingly free of distortions. As time passes, the chords start to take definite direction and subthemes develop beneath the surface.  After awhile effects are applied, differentiating a personal style. These effects produce ripples which send out energy, suggesting connection … [Read more...]

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder why bands label-hop. Why’d Low leave Kranky for Sub Pop, or Polvo trade Merge for Touch and Go? In the case of Emeralds, putting out music on multiple labels makes sense, since they produce and release so much material. So moving from one label to another isn’t such a dramatic deal for them, but their recent move is … [Read more...]

Fenn O’Berg – In Stereo

Sometimes it takes a release like In Stereo to make you realize how much you’ve changed. With their last album coming nine years ago, laptop trio Fenn O’Berg now sounds like an almost completely altered beast. Gone is the anything goes pastiche and incongruity of Magic and Return, replaced with a more cerebral and settled mood which sounds both … [Read more...]