Mikael Tariverdiev – Olga Sergeevna (reissue)

With Earth Recordings and Antique Beat having exposed non-Russian audiences to an aural goldmine via 2015’s Film Music anthology and the 2016 reissue of 1975’s The Irony Of Fate soundtrack, Mikael Tariverdiev is rightfully no longer an undiscovered curiosity to those not exposed to his works from behind the once Iron Curtain.  Yet there remains … [Read more...]

Various Artists – Avocet Revisited EP

Given the ceaseless archival patronage that London’s Earth Recordings has given to the back catalogue of the late Bert Jansch, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the label branched-out into a compiling a tribute collection of some stripe.  It might have seemed logical - although more logistically complex - to round-up a gargantuan covers … [Read more...]

Anne Briggs – The Time Has Come (reissue)

As well as going down the whole detective-meets-archivist route to track down and reissue esoteric lost releases from the likes of Steve Warner, Howard Eynon and Mikael Tariverdiev, the much-admired Earth Recordings - London’s lower-key yet increasingly higher-quality answer to Seattle’s Light In The Attic label - has also ventured into untangling … [Read more...]

Mikael Tariverdiev – The Irony Of Fate – Original Score (reissue)

If there is comfort to be taken in these increasingly dark geopolitical times, then it’s the knowledge that even against gloomy societal backdrops great culture can still flourish as a rock for humanity to cling to.  The career of Mikael Tariverdiev is perhaps a great totem of letting light into such darkness.  Having fashioned a vast body of … [Read more...]

Bert Jansch – From The Outside (reissue)

Following quickly on from the lustrously-repackaged reissue of 1978’s Avocet LP and after the interim detour of the adorable archival Black Birds Of Brittany 7” for Record Store Day, Earth Recordings continues swimming in the backwater tributaries of Bert Jansch’s solo canon with this rebuilt version of 1985’s lesser-known From The Outside.  … [Read more...]

Bert Jansch – Avocet (reissue)

Whilst better known entries from Bert Jansch’s catalogue continue to reappear yet again in remastered batches elsewhere, Earth Recordings have preferred to refurbish the late legend’s lesser-known LPs in glorious and spaced-apart isolation. So after distinctive reissues of 1996’s sparse on-stage document Live At The 12 Bar and 1972’s multifaceted … [Read more...]

Steve Warner – self-titled (reissue)

Having pretty much cornered the archivist gold-panning market in the closing months of 2015, Earth Recordings opens this year with another carefully-repackaged gleaming nugget. Digging around in the same Australian cultural heritage backwaters as the better-known Howard Eynon (whose equally rare lone 1974 LP was reissued on Earth in late-2014), … [Read more...]

An Abridged Albums A-Z of 2015: From Jonathan Bree to The Weather Station

Try as we might to keep up - as critics and music fans alike - there simply aren’t enough days in the year to keep track of everything the fertile music world has to offer, good, bad or ugly. For a site like Delusions Of Adequacy, built with DIY infrastructure, there is frankly no point pretending that we can document all that matters. So when … [Read more...]

Earth Recordings: Bert Jansch, Judy Dyble & Tariverdiev

Since tentative beginnings at the start of 2014 with a bare-but-warm vinyl reissue of Jackson C. Frank’s eponymous 1965 LP, the London-based Earth Recordings has fast become a go-to archival enterprise with its increasingly close-to-essential spread of releases. Co-founded by Fire Records’ latter-day main-man James Nicholls, designer Alex Hornsby … [Read more...]

Trader Horne – Morning Way (reissue)

Ushering in a wave of retrospective releases from Judy Dyble on gourmet archivist imprint Earth Recordings, comes this reissue of the sole Trader Horne studio album from 1970 to start reminding us that there is far more to her career than being displaced from Fairport Convention by Sandy Denny.  Teaming-up with Them’s Jackie McAuley as a duo may … [Read more...]