New Single from Craig Nicholls (The Vines) as White Shadows

'Slip Away' - the second single form White Shadows' debut album ' Secret of Life' -reveals yet another piece of the mystery surrounding Craig Nicholls' ( The Vines) latest project. A cosmic cataloguing of love lost; Nicholls rhymes simple, yearning lyrics, set over elated chiming effects and synths. The result is a hook-filled dance anthem, best … [Read more...]

Upcoming EP from L.A. indie-rock duo Satellite Sky

Los Angeles' Satellite Sky, an indie-rock duo, will release its upcoming EP,  Magnetize, on May 5th.  Following the White Stripes garage rock formula of  a guitar and drums duo,  Satellite Sky features Pete Kicks on guitar and Kim Kicks on drums,  but these two are in fact blood related siblings. Satellite Sky is based in Los Angeles by way of … [Read more...]

EP and Video from Swedish twin sister duo Taxi Taxi out now

Twin sisters Johanna and Miriam recently released a swoon-inducing EP titled Floating Forever on their own Delicious Demon record label.  The 4-song EP is graced by the strikingly beautiful vocals of both Johanna and Miriam and they play the synths and guitar accompaniment that buoys the tunes. The power ballad "Floating Forever"  is out now in … [Read more...]

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy – Songs from the Real World Vol 2 (Commissioned Songs)

Steve Kilbey (of The Church) and Martin Kennedy (of All India Radio) have teamed up again, producing a 2nd batch of warm and enjoyable commissioned songs, each crafted to the thematic specifications of the client.  The lyrics and tone of most of the tunes emphasize the joy and fulfillment of familial bonds and human connection.  Relationships of … [Read more...]

Interview with Dream Boat

Greetings Page and Dan! I’ve had the good fortune to hear your upcoming sophomore album, The Rose Explodes, in its entirety, and wow, what a sublimely swoon-worthy beauty… It will be released via Cloud Recordings and Arrowhawk in September. What are the vibes like for you during this interim? Page: Thanks for the complement! We are already neck … [Read more...]

Graph Rabbit – Snowblind videos

Graph Rabbit, a duo comprised of Brooklyn-based artist Austin Donohue and Shy Kedmi (with an assist from producer Allen Farmelo) released Snowblind on its own label, Butterscotch Records, in October 2012.    Anyone pining for a mellowed out Thom Yorke or a toned down Jonsi will find a blissful sonic and vocal utopia on this subtly wondrous beauty … [Read more...]

mr. Gnome – “House of Circles” video

Nicole Barille and Sam Meister, otherwise known as mr. Gnome, are back with a fantastic(al) and fascinating video for “House of Circles” off their latest album Madness in Miniature.  Directed by Sam himself, the video is stunning, scary, and surreal – just like the duo’s music.  Nicole and Sam describe the video as “…a live action interpretation of … [Read more...]

Interview with Machine Birds

Hi Maria and Marte!  It’s so wonderful to touch base with you both over your recent EP, Save Yourself, and to find out how your debut album is coming along.  I love how your atmospheric, melodic synth-pop often radiates with a bittersweet vibe, where Maria’s gracefully achingly to sharply emphatic vocals are buoyed by Marte’s light, lithe synth … [Read more...]

Interview with TKTTSM

Hi Johanna and Owen!  Your freakin’ fantastic self-titled album has me bouncing around the room like a spastic kid with a sugar high, to put it mildly. How did you prepare for the October 16th release of TKTTSM on Sumxuni Records?   Johanna: Yay! I've spent the last few years attempting to funnel my natural spaziness into our music. It's so nice … [Read more...]

Blood Red Shoes – In TIme To Voices

Brighton, England-based Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell refine their indie rock sound yet again on third album In Time To Voices, which was made available in the U.S. this past July.  They also diversify their style to include acoustic guitar ballads and a ‘kick out the jams’ punk number.  The end result, while tuneful and solid, is not as … [Read more...]