Owls Are Not – 2

Listening to the five tracks on 2, the second release from the Warsaw, Poland based Owls Are Not, I had a definite sensation of déjà vu. The frantic synth squalls, the virulent drumming, the random vocal and other samples and the actual tunes, all of it sounded distantly familiar, the various elements that make up the Owls Are Not sound each … [Read more...]

Moderat – II

As Moderat, Apparat (Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) has seamlessly delivered a new entity that is able to live comfortably within its own skin. The latter’s rumbling bass and stacking of beats is a fitting partner for the former’s delicately-tailored melodies. And with each artist coming off what are arguably … [Read more...]

Shackleton – Music for the Quiet Hour

If you visit Wikipedia’s page on dubstep there is a refined example of what a bass drop incorporates, using Sam Shackleton’s “Naked” as a vivid illustration. For all the modifications the genre has outlived since its inception (including Skrillex’s awful take on it) artists like Shackleton have continued to envelop the spectrum of dubstep into … [Read more...]

Burial – Kindred EP

Masking different kinds of tones, flavors and colors into one overtly stunning and spectral situation, UK’s Burial has now garnered a steady attention through every one of his timeless releases. With past albums that conveyed spirits of lost aesthetics and amazing atmospheres for what many still argue on whether or not it’s dubstep (it is), … [Read more...]

Joker – The Vision

Glitchy, dubstep-infused R&B is nothing particularly new or groundbreaking in 2011. With English prodigy James Blake, dubstep R&B made a definitive entrance into the US this year, complete with an endless wave of hype and anticipation. Indie blogs ate it up feverishly, promoting the movement at seemingly every opportunity that they were … [Read more...]

Hudson Mohawke – Satin Panthers EP

While music continues to challenge and divert many artists and bands, it’s never without any due cause. For many, Hudson Mohawke’s  Butter was a resounding success of what electronic music could truly be – explosive, creative, diverse – and for others, it was eighteen songs of way too many ideas. Regardless of what camp you fell into, there was … [Read more...]

Zomby – Dedication

Its been almost three years since Zomby released his debut album Where Were You in '92, a rave album paying homage to early 90's dance culture.  With antiquated gear such as the Akai S2000 and Atari ST, he impressed critics with his production skills as well as his enthusiastic authenticity. Most Americans may not know or care but its an … [Read more...]

Interview with Chris and Matt of Nedry

Hello Chris and Matt!  I can’t get enough of your debut album Condors which I reviewed here a while back.  I really enjoy the contrasting dynamics of your songs where some have a slow-pulling tension or easy-going, calm vibe and others are ramped up with guitar, keyboard, and drum turbulence.  Sometimes this even occurs all in one song (“Scattered” … [Read more...]

Bibio – Mind Bokeh

Often, the further in one gets, the harder it is to come back out. Once you’ve delved so deeply into one particular thing – hobbies, careers, women – the commitment reaches a new high and suddenly, you’ve dug yourself a pretty deep hole. That isn’t to say that any one of those are bad things but, certainly, one should always maintain plenty of … [Read more...]

Flying Lotus – Pattern+Grid World EP

In terms of sonic scope and ambitious arrangements, Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma remains as one of the year’s most substantially filled albums – depth beyond depth of layers and layers. “Clay” opens up the seams to a hazy, atmospheric drench of smoke before introducing the bustle of drums and in more ways than one, there is obvious reasoning behind … [Read more...]