Q&A with Inca Gold

Hi guys! I’m thoroughly enjoying your first two EPs, Inca Gold I and Inca Gold II, which are part of a series of three EPs. Who’s in the band and what instruments do you play? How did you all meet up? We are Ezequiel Claverie (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards), Ben Chatwin (Guitars/Keyboards), Alex Lewis (Drums) & Chris Howarth (Bass). Alex: We … [Read more...]

Little Boots – “Shake”

Little Boots, AKA Victoria Hesketh, will be releasing her highly-anticipated sophomore electro-dance-pop album sometime this year and “Shake” is the first cut to make it out to the public.  It first appeared in remix form as part of the 39-minute-long “Shake Until Your Heart Breaks” (Who can resist a song title like that?), where Victoria remixed … [Read more...]

Q&A with Michael of Tuesday Glass

Hiya Michael! It’s so great to have the chance to chat with you about your really new band Tuesday Glass, which you started on your own in April of this year. You’ve already released one EP and your second EP, High Wired, is due out on August 30th.  What can listeners expect from High Wired? Sure! Well, I don't want to give away too much about … [Read more...]

The Woodlands -s/t

The Woodlands are a husband and wife duo that settled down from their world travels in Portland long enough to record ten of their dreamy folk-pop tunes for this quaint, self-released and self-titled LP. The slow, acoustic-based tunes are mostly plodding, folk-pop frameworks colored in with piano, harmonica, and an occasional stringed … [Read more...]

Interview with Maribel

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hiya Pål E and Lewi!  I just adore your sound that melds the dreamy with the dissonant, the melodic with the abrasive, and the languorous with the propulsive, which recalls the best bits of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Serena-Maneesh.  Can you introduce yourselves and go over who plays what and/or sings in the … [Read more...]

City of Satellites – Machine Is My Animal

Hidden Shoal Recordings has been called "this generation’s 4AD" for good reason. Referring of course to the eclectic and cutting edge label of the early 80's (it’s current resurgence not withstanding). With music as the top priority, both labels are not afraid to experiment, and aspire to bring exposure to unique and talented bands while providing … [Read more...]

Maribel – Aesthetics

Maribel band members Liv, Kjetil, Lewi, and Pål hail from Norway and they create unremittingly lacerating, dreamy, melodic, and warped noise à la Serena-Maneesh, with a generous helping of My Bloody Valentine and A Place To Bury Strangers swirled into the gnashing, dashing sonic sea.  The unadulterated tunes overtake the listener with an acute, … [Read more...]

New Single from DC band Bellflur

Scores of DC-based bands touted as “the next big thing” have rapidly sprung up and dissipated just as quickly, but since its inception in 2001, Bellflur has been one of the few constants on the DC scene. Bellflur challenges genre-specificity, but it does thrive in the lush space and musical grandeur that might make one call its music “dreamy” tho … [Read more...]