Emilíana Torrini – Tookah


Tookah follows 2008’s critically acclaimed Me And Armini. Emilíana Torrini has had a varied career in pop for more than a decade. She was once a member of the 90s indie art band Gus-Gus , she wrote Kylie Minogue's hit "Slow" and in the credits of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers you can hear her "Gollum's Song". It’s this sort of varied and … [Read more...]

Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #9 (Pluramon – The Monstrous Surplus, 2007)

Julee Cruise and Marcus Schmickler - Photo Credit: Kira Bunse

With this feature we focus our attention on an album that may not have gotten the recognition and accolades it deserves. It might be a cult hit, a little-known favorite, or an album that is just so great, we feel it needs all of the attention possible. Albums chosen for this feature were released five years ago or more and are chosen at the … [Read more...]

Honeyslide – Drippin’ / Deep Architecture EP

Honeyslide - Drippin’ / Deep Architecture EP

After such an avalanche of new albums across April and May of this year - not to mention the biggest ever Record Store Day - it’s been a pretty exhaustive and exhausting time for keen record buyers.  With some relief it seems that the summer months ahead look a tad thinner on the long-player front, allowing time to pause and reflect on an abundance … [Read more...]

Interview with Castratii


Hello Beauvais and Jonathan! I’m so elated to connect with you about your enthralling, enigmatic aural effusion, debut album Eora, which was released this past August on Time No Place. Beauvais and Jonathan, you’re both based in Australia, relatively near Sydney, and Liela, I’m assuming, is still located in England. How did the geographical … [Read more...]

Landing – Wave Lair

Landing - Wave Lair

Adding punctuation to a year that saw them return from dormancy with a lively self-titled album, Connecticut space-rockers Landing have released a 32-minute mini-album/EP titled Wave Lair. This year's Landing acted as a reboot for the group, furthering their already-wide scope into territory which included loud beats and fast tempos. Wave Lair … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #3

Dangerous Muse - Red EP

Dangerous Muse – Red EP Electronic synth-pop artist Mike Furey, AKA Dangerous Muse, has been on the scene for a while, breaking through with MTV-approved “The Rejection” in 2006 and with an enticing video for “I Want It All” in 2009 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN6sc-zpFL0).  Mike has released a string of singles and EPs, with 2 more EPs on … [Read more...]

Landing – Landing

Landing - Landing

Landing albums have always been beauties regardless of volume, but they've usually been typecast as music for sleep or rest, operating well at lower volumes. Not so with their first album of new music in 6 years, the self-titled Landing. The louder you play it, the better it gets. The personnel for this album is Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow, and … [Read more...]

Violens – True


It’s easy to argue that out of all the past decades of music, the 1980s gave us the most dated, shallow, and irrelevant material. So much of it felt so artificial and soulless because it replaced decent musicianship and songwriting with electronic, formulaic muzak. However, there were also plenty of good bands that crafted catchy melodies with … [Read more...]

Carrousel – 27 rue de mi’chelle

27 rue de mi'chelle

Arguably no other genre (or subgenre, really) can capture introspection and emotion as beautifully and intensely as orchestrated dream pop. With its gentle yet profound arrangements, lovely harmonies, and affective melodies, more often than not, the music pierces listeners’ hearts and leaves them in awe. On its short but sweet debut, 27 rue de … [Read more...]

Beach House – Bloom

Beach House - Bloom

The impending release of Beach House’s Bloom LP has all the trappings of a hype-saturated media frenzy.  An upstart duo from the not-so-halcyon environs of Baltimore records two albums of tentative dream pop that immediately wins over critics but fails to draw much of a mainstream audience.  In 2010, the band’s vision and creative zeal is finally … [Read more...]