New live album from Pure Phase Ensemble feat. Mark Gardener of Ride

Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective, created especially for the SpaceFest festival in Gdansk, which takes place annually in December and is organised by the Nasiono Association. The city of Gdansk plays host to this blossoming music festival each year in the first week of December, at which time numerous select musicians from … [Read more...]

Flesh World – The Wild Animals In My Life

Flesh World is what happens when Jess Scott of Brilliant Colors and Scott Moore of Limp Wrist join forces. On The Wild Animals in My Life, their influences of indie-pop and queercore meet and collide. Released on Iron Lung, it’s their full length debut, and it’s garnering a lot of deserved attention. Wild Animals is one of those records that … [Read more...]

New remixes EP from Lunar Twin

Dream wave duo LUNAR TWIN debut EP via Emerald & Doreen Recordings Dream-wave band Lunar Twin presents their new EP on German boutique label Emerald & Doreen Recordings. This release features two tracks from their debut Lunar Twin EP - a new edit of their breathtaking 'Champagne' along with some rather amazing remixes, and a new edit of … [Read more...]

New EP from NYC-based psych-dreamgazers MALKA

NYC psych dream-gazers MALKA release debut EP The Constant State New York City-based psychedelic dreampop band MALKA have officially released their debut EP, The Constant State, on March 2, 2015. Recorded at both APT Studio (NYC) and Elohino studio (NJ), mixed byDarko Saric, and mastered at 825 Studios by Grammy Award-winning engineer Butch … [Read more...]

Interview with I, Us & We

Hello Jordan, Evan, and Aaron.  What are the vibes like now just after the release of your alluring synth-pop/dream-pop EP Mono? The vibe for us at all times is creativity and forward motion.  As much as we love and are proud of what we have accomplished already with Mono, we are already working on our next piece to present. I’ve read your … [Read more...]

Ten Best Shoegaze-Related Events of 2014

A rundown of the 10 best shoegaze-related events of 2014 is better late than never, right?  Just like the reformation, continuation, or news of these original shoegaze-tagged bands some 20 years after their initial glory days during the 1990s U.K. music scene.  The (re)evaluation of the impact of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and … [Read more...]

Oliver Wilde – Red Tide Opal In The Loose End Womb

Last year’s debut album from the Bristol-dwelling Oliver Wilde - A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears - was part of a snowballing word-of-mouth story that gave an initially reticent artist a quick leg-up without the need to compromise.  With his promising presence logged extensively across the worlds of old and new media, a slew of live … [Read more...]

Interview with Lilies On Mars

Hello Marina and Lisa!  I think you’re on tour with Fanfarlo in the U.K. and Europe at the moment.  How is it all going? Marina: Hello Jen - Yes we are currently in Berlin, a town we really love, tonight we are playing at Bi Nuu and we are very looking forward to it, it's always so exciting to play abroad and see the different reaction from … [Read more...]

Exclusive Album Stream of Made Of Stars by Strata Florida (Louise Trehy of 1990s 4AD duo Swallow)

Louise Trehy is back at long last with a spectacular new album that channels the dreamy bliss and noisy distortion of the best of the 1990s U.K. dream-pop and shoegazer bands.  Fans of Kate Bush, Liz Fraser/Cocteau Twins, B’linda Butcher/My Bloody Valentine, Miki Berenyi/Emma Anderson/Lush, and Toni Halliday/Curve will not only be enthralled … [Read more...]

Louise Trehy of 4AD duo Swallow is back as Strata Florida

Strata Florida is the newest project of Louise Trehy, formerly one half of the 4AD duo Swallow. Debut album Made Of Stars is only Trehy's second album in twenty years. Swallow's flame flickered bright but brief in the early 1990s, and disillusion after the band’s break up caused Trehy to abandon music altogether. Her creative spark was … [Read more...]