Manon Meurt – Manon Meurt EP

The members of Manon Meurt hail from the Czech Republic and they self-released a self-titled debut EP in their native country in 2014.  The EP has not been available internationally but Canada's Label Obscura is remedying the situation by reissuing Manon Meurt in North America as a limited vinyl release and also worldwide in digital … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Pale Dian, Kylie Odetta, Wonky Tonk, & Luna Jamboree)

Pale Dian – “In A Day” …And Cocteau Twins is back!... Well, no, not really, but if you’re jonesing for a fix of that legendary band, check out Pale Dian, previously known as the Blackstone Rangers.  The dark pop shoegaze (or dream-pop noir, perhaps?) trio (Hey, more Cocteau Twins parallels!  Heck, they even look like early incarnations of Liz … [Read more...]

Lush – “Out Of Control”

Lush was/is considered one of the originators of the guitar-driven ‘shoegaze’ genre, so-named by the UK music press in the early 1990s because many a guitarist was seen staring down at the FX pedals during performances. The term ‘shoegaze’ was a diss at the time, but it has since climbed ever upward in esteem. Shoegaze is now considered an … [Read more...]

Interview with Joseph Sant

Brookyln-based dream-pop singer-songwriter Joseph Sant graciously replied to the following interview questions a week before the release of his project’s debut EP, Sea White Salt, on January 14th. It’s so good to catch up with you right before the release of your debut EP, Sea White Salt. How are you doing and how are last-minute preparations … [Read more...]

Short Takes (The fin., Chris Beyer, Midwest Soul Xchange & ADD Agency)

The fin. – “Night Time” Japanese dream-pop weavers The fin. is a four-piece comprised of Yuto Uchino (vocals, synths), Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar), Takayasu Taguchi (bass), and Kaoru Nakazawa (drums).  The band casts a captivating spell with the mildly melancholic “Night Time”, the title track off its new EP of the same name.  The 5-song (4 … [Read more...]

Ummagma – “Lama”

Canadian-Ukrainian dream-pop duo Ummagma is set to release its drifting and uplifting Frequency EP November 13 on Raphalite Records.  Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov are partners in music and marriage, and together they have forged an engaging union of electronic, synth, and guitar-based pop that captives with Shauna’s delightful light and … [Read more...]

A Shoreline Dream – The Silent Sunrise

It's taking me more than one listen to The Silent Sunrise to completely appreciate everything going on within it. I'm listening to it right now as I type this review, to the LP's fifth track "Twice Removed", and to the sound of a band that has been together for a decade now and it is showing, in a spectacularly good way. Ten years of writing music … [Read more...]

New single from Alnilam

LA-based dream-pop band Alnilam takes its name from the middle star in Orion's Belt and it shines brightly on its latest single "Lilac".  The core duo of singer-songwriter Elena Pinto and multi-instrumentalist Serhat Arslan are fleshed out with band members Mark Humphrey, Quinn Dean, and Trevor Martin.  Their debut album, Indigo Sky, is set for … [Read more...]

Premiere of atmospheric “Down The River” single by The Virgance

U.K.-based ambient artist Nathan Smith is no stranger to the mind-expanding sounds of the shoegaze and beautiful noise genres, having played guitar in the indie band Ripley in the 1990s and subsequently having been involved in the noise-rock trio Loveless in the 2000s.  Nathan took flight as a solo soundscaper with the release of his debut album … [Read more...]

New live album from Pure Phase Ensemble feat. Mark Gardener of Ride

Pure Phase Ensemble is an international music collective, created especially for the SpaceFest festival in Gdansk, which takes place annually in December and is organised by the Nasiono Association. The city of Gdansk plays host to this blossoming music festival each year in the first week of December, at which time numerous select musicians from … [Read more...]