Six Organs of Admittance – Asleep on the Floodplain

Over the course of his 15 years recording as Six Organs of Admittance, Ben Chasny's output has morphed in a snaky, somewhat unpredictable manner much like his individual pieces and albums. Veering into drone here, speeding up a little there, approaching folk territory for a second before winding up tightly and then releasing the noise. It all … [Read more...]

Faun Fables – Light Of A Vaster Dark

Dawn McCarthy hasn’t necessarily made it easy to read her Faun Fables.  Through her dalliances with performance art theatrics, rustic film-noir atmospherics and heady conceptual songwriting – which reached a peak on 2006’s The Transit Rider – McCarthy and her primary Faun Fables sideman Nils Frykdahl have in part been ghettoised by both inverted … [Read more...]

Neil Hamburger – Hot February Night

When you actually want to be known as “America’s Funny Man,” you create a certain amount of hysteria around you. For Neil Hamburger, being idiosyncratic and divisive happens to come with the territory and as a comedian who revels in dark, almost anti-humor, many would seem confused. But one thing’s for sure, Hamburger’s comedy is a unique brand – … [Read more...]

Elisa Randazzo – Bruises & Butterflies

The period following the loss of a loved one is one of the most arduous and challenging tasks to grow through as a human being. Many times these kinds of losses can come in the form of losing a loved one due to death or simply, due to them going the opposite direction. The loves and fruition that they conjure can also result in the misfire of good … [Read more...]

Baby Dee – A Book of Songs for Anne Marie

If you’re familiar with any kind of lieder, or art songs, then you can definitely appreciate the kind of music that is built around poetic verses, operatic voices and subtle, timely calculated accompaniment. One of my favorites was Schubert (check out his Erlkönig if you’ve never had the pleasure) and his impressive ability at combining the … [Read more...]

FAO#24: Robert A.A. Lowe & Rose Lazar, Scout Niblett & Tindersticks

Intimacy is a trait that comes in many different forms in musical realms.  Although it too often simply conjures up images of one person and an acoustic guitar, spooling themselves into lo-tech kit or sitting solitarily on a small club stage, intimacy is more about feeling and delivery than pure environmental settings.  It can find itself presented … [Read more...]

FAO#21: Spiral Stairs, Lou Barlow, Grant Hart & Jim O’Rourke

With some notable exceptions, few long-serving artists can keep going the distance without breaking free from established career patterns.  Whether it is leaving a formative band, moving far away from a milestone album or an influential sound, to sustain creativity for the long-haul musicians have to forge new paths, even if it alienates inherited … [Read more...]

Om on Tour

Sep 17: Seattle, Washington - Neumo’s Sep 18: Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Sep 19: Portland, Oregon - Doug Fir Sep 24: San Francisco, California - The Independent Sep 25: Los Angeles, California - Echoplex Sep 26: San Diego, California - Casbah Oct 6: Chicago, Illinois - Bottom Lounge Oct 8: Detroit, Michigan - Magic Stick Oct 9: Toronto, … [Read more...]

Bill Callahan – Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle

Sometimes, a change of scenery can make all the difference. Usually, it takes that shock of alteration, that feeling of being a fish out of water, to trigger something. Well, what happens when it's a return to your old stomping grounds? For Bill Callahan — someone who has prided himself on delivering music at its most sincere level-moving and … [Read more...]