Bonobo – The North Borders

It has become clear that over the course of a fifteen year career, producer Simon Green aka Bonobo has never called anywhere home. Those early recordings found comfort in the smoky jazz clubs of Paris or sun bleached fishing villages of Southern Italy, but were ultimately discarded in the wake of an ever changing electronic landscape. On his fifth … [Read more...]

Elephant & Castle – Transitions

Imagine a mashup of concepts instead of beatmatching, one that is produced with the idea of vintage music manifested through modern ears. Oakland producer David Reep is doing just that. Only, instead of a top 40 hip hop track colliding with a classic rock anthem, he digs for slick pop/ obscure vintage vinyl, manipulates it beyond recognition and … [Read more...]

Fredrik Ohr – Falling Through the Earth

Fredrik Ohr composes like a monk in meditation—methodically spinning the many disparate elements until they all face the same direction, flowing in harmony with one energy. Sort of. Falling Through the Earth reveals the Zen character Fredrik Ohr has embraced through his interest in Buddhism and journeys in Asia . The synthesis of his Northern … [Read more...]

Jon Hopkins – Insides

The singular, aesthetic impression that an instrument like the piano can accomplish is fully magical. A near-image of all that is beautiful in our world, it is responsible for many of our most memorable pieces. Try playing Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 in C# minor (popularly titled "Moonlight" Sonata) or any of Scott Joplin's piano rags on a … [Read more...]