Interview with Luna

Having disbanded amicably albeit somewhat wearily in 2005 soon after delivering the still satisfyingly rich and rounded Rendezvous LP it was perhaps inevitable - in this age where few acts can stay apart forever unless deterred by death or deathless animosity - that Luna would eventually reform in some capacity. Having remained creative in the … [Read more...]

Britta Phillips – Luck Or Magic

Having steadily and stealthily proved herself as far more than just a musical sidekick to Dean Wareham since Luna's initial dissolution in 2005 - through ongoing collaborative work as one-half of Dean & Britta and across a slew of joint soundtrack commissions - Britta Phillips now finally unveils her first official solo LP.  Originally started … [Read more...]

Dean Wareham – self-titled

Following speedily on from last year’s sublime mini-LP, Emancipated Hearts, Dean Wareham carries on solo trading with the first self-monikered full-length set of his continuously enlightening post-Luna career.  Those expecting the album to be an overtly rocking reaction to the intricate and pensive Emancipated Hearts - particularly with My Morning … [Read more...]

Dean & Britta – 13 Most Beautiful… Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

Whilst some of Dean Wareham’s most ‘traditionalist’ audience might have taken more convincing about his decision to break up Luna and to then make his side-project duo with bassist/wife Britta Phillips his primary vocation, the skilled crafting of soundtracks for 13 previously silent Andy Warhol-directed ‘Screen Tests’ must surely have validated … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #11

With the established music industry struggling with its own ongoing woes in addition to global economic strife, the natural inclination to rifle-through and re-exploit back catalogues now appears to be more like a survivalist necessity rather than an added cash bonus. Despite this somewhat cynical and desperate grab for older music buyers’ … [Read more...]