Vastum – Carnal Law

Two ideas strike me upon first listening to Vastum: the first is that they play genuine old school death metal but with a crusty doom-laden personality of their own.  The second is that these fellows are actually cultured.  Rarely in metal are we privy to such intelligent and passionate lyrics steeped in literary, psychological and philosophical … [Read more...]

Earth – Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction

In the late eighties/early nineties, amidst the burgeoning grunge movement in the Pacific Northwest, stood a lone figure with different ideas about how music could sound. That figure was Dylan Carlson, and those different ideas were the seeds that would grow into the seminal drone/minimalist outfit Earth. Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular … [Read more...]

Planning For Burial – Leaving

Some albums live with us, in an unshakable and almost haunting way. Far removed from simply listening to a favorite song on a daily basis or blasting a certain record as “driving music” when hitting the road, these works instead become important to us, alternately reserved for ritual exhibition or subject to the random urge to be played anytime or … [Read more...]

Ufomammut – Eve

What happens when Meddle (Pink Floyd) is the initial inspiration for an atmospheric doom album? Now, with that as a starting point, join together the concept that, as stated by the band,"The album - comprised of one 45-minute atmospheric track, divided into five distinct movements - acts as a living homage to the first woman on Earth, and the … [Read more...]

Overmars – Born Again

Sometimes music hates you. A startling fact, but apparent given the range of your genre selections reaches wide enough; something on the average of 30% of the artists you listen to wish you spent your money on a means to end your own life instead of their newest vinyl, CD, or digital release. The trend is nothing new, but the recent popularity … [Read more...]

Shrinebuilder – S/T

Ah, supergroups. Might as well be called ‘set themselves up to fail’ groups. They seem to all prove one thing: a product is not always equal to the sum of their parts. i.e. The Traveling Wilburys, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Zwan…. Anyone vomit in their mouth yet? Especially at that last one? Billy Corgan will you just shut up already? Seriously, … [Read more...]

SunnO))) – Monoliths & Dimensions

When we last left SunnO)))'s Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley they were peering into the deepest pits of eternal darkness with 2005's Black One. Not that they haven't been busy since then. Quite the contrary, they've worked on collaborations, live albums, and side projects for the better part of the last four years since delivering the last … [Read more...]

Kylesa – Static Tensions

Static Tensions is the fourth album from Savannah, Georgia metal mavens Kylesa and it may well be the best damn album the band's released and one of the finest of 2009, metal or otherwise. With this, Kylesa take the leap into the big leagues by delivering on the promise of previous release Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Listeners are bombarded with a … [Read more...]