Girl Talk – All Day

When Pittsburgh DJ and erstwhile biomedical research engineer Gregg Gillis – a.k.a. Girl Talk - first started gaining notoriety for his cut and paste DJ mashups some eight years ago, the approach seemed downright ingenious; other DJ’s had haphazardly spliced together disparaging genre samples before Gillis, but not until Girl Talk had pop culture … [Read more...]

Paper Tiger – Made Like Us

Even something as plainly titled as “First Track” can still carry a great deal of weight in terms of presenting a positive, brightly layered and booming opening song. It’s the leading opener on Made Like Us, Minneapolis-bred DJ Paper Tiger’s debut album, and it’s the ideal gesture in showcasing the immediate effect music can possess. As both an … [Read more...]

Deaf Judges – All Rise

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “in your face,” All Rise is an angry, lashing album, full of intelligent artful prose and bursting at the seams with energy. Deaf Judges, hailing from Athens, Georgia, is a hip-hop group composed of three gnarly MCs and a DJ, all who seem to live by the life mantra “Do It, Or Punch It In The Face.” If Deaf … [Read more...]