The Black Clouds – “Photograph”

The Black Clouds is an indie rock band from Central New Jersey that formed in late 2004 and has maintained its DIY ethic all along.  Band members Dan Matthews (guitarist, vocalist), Neil Hayes (guitarist), Gary Moses (bassist), and Cory King (drummer) have self-produced, recorded, and funded their previous two albums, 2008’s Wishing Well and Better … [Read more...]

Wreckless Eric – Le Beat Group Électrique / The Donovan Of Trash (reissues)

Although best known for his more commercially successfully stint as a Stiff Records punk-poet and contemporary of Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe in the late-‘70s/early-‘80s, ‘Wreckless’ Eric Goulden has also bequeathed the world with a larger and more eccentric body of work over the last 30 or so years that is worthy of deeper inspection.  Now thanks … [Read more...]

Pregnant – Pottery Mill

Pregnant, the moniker Daniel Trudeau adopted when he was about to become a father must be out of date by now but his imagination remains fertile as he draws on a broad palette of genres, instruments and effects to produce more muddled DIY compositions on this second release on Mush Records. Pottery Mill continues on the same experimental path as … [Read more...]

Q&A with Grave Babies

Hiya Danny!  Your new album Crusher is out in late February and it’s your debut for the Sub Pop sub-division Hardly Art.  You’ve previously released a cassette/vinyl album, a 7” single, and an EP on other labels.  How did you end up with Hardly Art? Hardly Art put out our last release which was our EP and the 7" ("Pleasures") before that as … [Read more...]

Q&A with Second Head

Hey there Emma and Wim – It’s really cool to have the chance to touch base with you both and find out more about your band.  Your latest EP Children of the Revulsion (Love the wordplay!) is out now and it seems to be heading in a more laid-back, thematically cohesive direction than your previous EP Gift Horse and debut album Disease comes in … [Read more...]

Interview with the Smittens

Hi guys and gals!  It’s the bees knees to be doing this interview with you all as we await with great anticipation the release of your new album Believe Me on July 23rd via Fika Recordings.  You’ve been quite busy bees (Sorry for all the bee references!  I know Holly dislikes bees and I feel the same way about their pointy ends!) over the past … [Read more...]

EndAnd – The Adventures of Fi in Space

Adventures of Fi in Space is the brainchild of EndAnd, the indie rockers from space (er, Brooklyn). Adventures of Fi in Space is actually two EP’s joined to make one, nine-track album. The first EP is aptly named, Adventure of Hi-Fi in Space and the other, Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space. Starting as a duo between guitarist and vocalist, Daniel Fern … [Read more...]

Collide – “Bending and Floating” video

KaRIN and Statik have had a long and active career as the DIY electro-industrial dream machine Collide, releasing their latest album Counting To Zero last autumn.  They hit a high point with the single “Bending and Floating” and its accompanying dreamily dystopian video directed by Edward Mavskegg. The video seems like it comes from a lost … [Read more...]

Q&A with Lux

Hello Leah and David!  How are you both doing?  I found out about you a while back on MySpace and I’ve been sold on your sound ever since.  I love how you blend your catchy melodies with both synth-pop and noise-rock – at the same time!  Your debut album, We Are Not The Same, is set for an early April release and, after listening to it, I found it … [Read more...]

Psalmships – Kronotsky

The first thing you’ll notice about Psalmships’ latest record Kronotsky is that it’s DIY as hell. Anyone who’s been involved in the music world for a while knows that those roomy, echoed vocals, (which are made entirely unhidden on opener “Ressurectionist”) are a telltale sign for bedroom-project recording. Not that that’s a bad thing, like scene … [Read more...]