Screen Vinyl Image – Strange Behavior

Virginia-based husband and wife duo Jake and Kim Reid, alumni of Shoegazer/New Wave band Alcian Blue, released their debut Interceptors in 2009 and are back with this second album on Custom Made Music.  It’s quite fitting that they share a last name with the Reid brothers of Jesus And Mary Chain because the tunes on Strange Behavior are shot … [Read more...]

Q&A with Lux

Hello Leah and David!  How are you both doing?  I found out about you a while back on MySpace and I’ve been sold on your sound ever since.  I love how you blend your catchy melodies with both synth-pop and noise-rock – at the same time!  Your debut album, We Are Not The Same, is set for an early April release and, after listening to it, I found it … [Read more...]