Emorie – Never Goes Away

Toronto’s Emorie are singer-songwriter and keyboardist Hunter and violinist Adm. After meeting at a show they began a fruitful collaboration. Their debut album is a mix of electronica, R ‘n’ B, disco,  and indie pop. Violin, vocals and synths work well together on smooth opener "Change". The mood darkens a little on "Pink Dolls" and the … [Read more...]

Pulp – It, Freaks & Separations (2012 reissues)

Since belatedly finding fame on the back of 1994’s His ‘N’ Hers, Pulp founder Jarvis Cocker has often had an ambivalent and strained relationship with his recently reunited band’s early catalogue.  For Cocker, the hard slog of Pulp’s protracted formative phase against the backdrop of dole-stricken poverty, critical/commercial indifference, multiple … [Read more...]

Sugar & Gold – Get Wet!

If anything, Get Wet! is a lot of fun. After all, any band who calls themselves Sugar & Gold are going to be a stone’s throw from self-seriousness, especially one that prides themselves on bringing dance music to a universal, cross-scene audience. The songs are thoroughly synthesized on low-rent, Daft Punk-ian electronics, and they sing … [Read more...]

The Superions – s/t EP

Fred Schneider of The B-52’s fame is ba-a-ack, along with Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, and they’re packing enough ham ‘n’ cheese sandwiches and a heaping helping o’ corn to satisfy even the most ravenous at the disco-pop picnic party.  This EP includes three original songs “Those Sexy Saucer Gals”, “Who Threw That Ham at Me”, and the oddly … [Read more...]

Tigercity – Ancient Lover

Drenched in 80s rock, with kicks of funk and R&B - that's what Tigercity is all about and the results are a mixed bag. At times, I thought I was listening to Foreigner, at others, just a club band churning out jams at a 1985 high school reunion. I sound like I'm dogging Tigercity, but from the best I can tell, that's the aesthetic they're going … [Read more...]

Jupiter One- “Flaming arrow”

Watch out! You’ve been hit by a “Flaming arrow.” This new song by Jupiter One sounds like sophisticated elevator music , but with lots of pizzazz. And a hint of some 80’s disco. Sounds interesting? This tune is so catchy that you’ll eventually become a fan. “Flaming arrow” is off the band’s recently released new album, Sunshine, in which the name … [Read more...]

Dappled Cities – Zounds

Dappled Cities - Zounds Syndey, Australia’s Dappled Cities has enjoyed a devoted following Down Under since its lo-fi debut, A Smile, dropped back in 2004.  With a strong-willed intent to breakthrough stateside, the quintet has seized every opportunity since then to connect itself with American ears.  Beginning with the recording of 2006’s … [Read more...]

Fake Problems – It’s Great to Be Alive

If I were 18 again, this is the shit I'd be all over. That's not to say I'm not all over It's Great to Be Alive anyway, but I feel a bit "older sister digging on her kid brother's band" about the whole thing. Floridian Fake Problems apparently released a decent punk record as its debut. I wholly admit I missed it completely - they weren't even on … [Read more...]