The Devin Townsend Project – Addicted

Even on his 1997 debut Ocean Machine, Devin Townsend proved to be a wholly original visionary. His lyrics are poignant, his voice is a schizophrenic marvel, and his guitar work is unconventionally amazing. His ideas and songwriting range from the tragedies of human existence to ridiculous insanity of coffee obsessed alien puppets. And best of all, … [Read more...]

Devin Townsend – Ki

If there is one word that’s overused in the entertainment industry, it’s “genius.” You can be great at what you do (maybe even the best), but that doesn’t qualify. No, a true genius is someone who creates in their own universe; they derive ideas and techniques never heard or seen before. They invent an entirely new way to hear music, are often … [Read more...]