Efterklang at the Bowery Ballroom, NY 3/23/13

As a farewell to winter, New York's Bowery Ballroom hosted the unique melancholic space pop of Efterklang. Having wowed NY in September at the Metropolitan Museum of Art performing alongside the Wordless Orchestra, the city was clearly ready for another fix. Performing with a lineup featuring childhood friends; Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and … [Read more...]

Iceage – You’re Nothing

It's a classic coming of age story. Four teenage friends from Copenhagen, Denmark form a band. They can't play their instruments all too well, but are damn well angry enough to try. Angry about what, you may ask. There might be a number of reasons, but what better way to propagate anger than in the form of a punk band? The group, calling themselves … [Read more...]

Efterklang – Piramida

Yearning for greener pastures, well, maybe more white-ish gray pastures, Danish trio, Efterklang confronts their own limitations on their newest record, Piramida. They confronted their limitations by enlisting the skillful qualities that artists and human beings have of reaching deeply into themselves and acquiring unique ideas and adventurous … [Read more...]

Choir of Young Believers on tour

When listening to Denmark’s Choir of Young Believers, it’s hard not to imagine an army of white-clad singers with arms outstretched, their voices raised in holy polyphony--in fact, the Danish group is the brainchild of one 26-year-old Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. Choir of Young Believers is an orchestral-pop project marked by Jannis' magisterial … [Read more...]

Slaraffenland – Sunshine EP

We’re hardly shocked anymore by soundscapes that pair acoustics with electronics, man with machine. The synthetic wash of a laptop or delay pedal can easily enclose and support those aspects of a composition subject to individual “chops,” conventionally framed improvisation, or merely the tonal decay of notes produced by the hands or lungs: these … [Read more...]