Slows – self-titled

Given all of his many tentacled endeavours, it’s a wonder that Matthew Simms has had the time, patience and head-space to devote to his solo alias Slows of late.  With his ongoing co-directorship of surprisingly durable art-pop janglers It Hug Backs and his increasingly prominent role in the latter-day incarnation of post-punk explorers Wire, … [Read more...]

Various Artists – They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Records Compilation

Although Polytechnic Youth has become a more expansive enterprise of late - catching-up with label founder Dominic Martin’s already adored sibling-imprints The Great Pop Supplement and Deep Distance - there’s still something indefinably special about the first few ultra-limited lathe-cut vinyl singles that initiated the venture in 2014 and 2015.  … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#48 (Listening Center’s David Mason on Luna Africana)

Listening Center’s David Mason on… Clara Mondshine's Luna Africana (Innovative Communication, 1981) Luna Africana was released on Klaus Schulze's Innovative Communication record label in 1981 as a 45rpm LP. Clara Mondshine was actually the alias of Walter Bachauer, a Berlin-based journalist and composer, who passed away in 1989. In addition … [Read more...]

The Assistant – “Gristleizer” b/w “Nothing On” 12″

Having already made a great introduction for The Assistant, with the 125-copy 5” Ways Of Seeing EP on Polytechnic Youth earlier this year and basking in the afterglow of his still-fresh debut LP - entitled One - with Rhododendron on Deep Distance, Oliver Cherer has wasted little time in slipping out an additional slice of vinyl from the former … [Read more...]

Rhododendron – One

Since parking his Dollboy alias in 2014, Oliver Cherer has hit a potent purple patch; via his solo-trading pastoralism, within the multi-headed Silver Servants, inside the motorik diversions of The Wrestler, through the electro-primitivism of The Assistant and - most strikingly - with the far from flowery Rhododendron. Initially conceived as a … [Read more...]

The Assistant – Ways Of Seeing EP

Necessity has indeed become the mother of invention for the boutique-label-empire of Dom Martin. Increasingly embattled by backlogged pressing plants - due to the double-whammy of Record Store Day and the unstoppable vinyl revival - Martin is putting The Great Pop Supplement label on "an open-ended hiatus" towards the end of 2016 (whilst sister … [Read more...]

An Abridged Albums A-Z of 2015: From Jonathan Bree to The Weather Station

Try as we might to keep up - as critics and music fans alike - there simply aren’t enough days in the year to keep track of everything the fertile music world has to offer, good, bad or ugly. For a site like Delusions Of Adequacy, built with DIY infrastructure, there is frankly no point pretending that we can document all that matters. So when … [Read more...]

Melodien – Theurgy

Like many likeminded Deep Distance signings, Liverpool's Harry Sumnall is well-acquainted with the motorik manual.  Yet whereas some of his labelmates have fixated on certain chapters, Sumnall - under his Melodien alias - appears to have sped-read the whole lot as well as adding a few appendixes based on broader listening and his own experiences … [Read more...]

Hologram Teen – “Post-Apocalypteacakes” b/w “Tracksuit Minotaur”

With Stereolab’s co-leaders Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier having established healthy new careers - with the former’s deeper steering into leftward motorik directions heading-up Cavern Of Anti-Matter for limited-edition releases on a variety of labels and the latter’s more song-based solo-trading explorations for Drag City - time is perhaps ripe for … [Read more...]

The Home Current – “Wix” b/w “When Silence Fell Quiet”

Over the past five or so years the Danish-born but now UK-based Martin Jensen has performed a keen supporting and curatorial role during his time as a DJ and through co-running the Second Language label (most notable for his spearheading of the sublime three-part multi-artist Music And Migration series and his remix work for Colleen and Dollboy).  … [Read more...]