Phylactery – Necromancy Enthroned

Necromancy Enthroned runs like a thrash and death metal bullet train. The album opener, "Risen Restless Dead," judders for twenty seconds before it fires off on a groove heralded by double-bass drumming. The song battles through a few changes and clings to the rails of its vitriol. Phylactery plays metal very much in the tradition of pioneers … [Read more...]

Excommunion – Thronosis

A controlled malevolence stirs in Thronosis, this successful mini-album from Excommunion. This American three-piece band plays death metal laced with hairs of thrash and black metal. The songs are not just double-bass drumming with a couple of guitar players firing on the low string. The tempo changes patiently, the root varies, and scale notes put … [Read more...]

Macabre – Grim Scary Tales

First up, I must admit to not having heard anything from Chicago band Macabre before now, despite them gracing the music world for 25 years, but I did know they are an experience that splits views into extremes. With their fifth album Grim Scary Tales I can step into their world and see for myself and I will say after listening to the album quite a … [Read more...]