Supreme Pain – Divine Incarnation

Divine Incarnation from Dutch death metalers Supreme Pain is one of those albums that defies the obvious complaints and flaws to rest very easily and satisfyingly upon the ear. Accusations of being unoriginal, formulaic, and single paced can all rightly be thrown at it in some degree, but ultimately it's still a release that one can happily hear … [Read more...]

Illdisposed – There Is Light (But It’s Not For Me)

There Is Light (But It's Not For Me) is the tenth studio album from Danish death metalers Illdisposed, who started way back in the dark days of 1991. And, with that knowledge, my first thought as a newcomer to the band is how fresh they sound, as their tracks on the album have a vibrancy that is found more often within new bands, rather than … [Read more...]

Echidna – Dawn Of The Sociopath

Returning with their second album, Portuguese thrash/death metalers Echidna have unleashed a dangerous and compelling beast that is as intimidating and intrusive as the running theme behind it. Dawn Of The Sociopath is a concept album exploring the devious mind and black evil of a sociopath, each track taking the listener on a transition from seed … [Read more...]

Hemoptysis – Misanthropic Slaughter

From the first coaxing riffs in the opening seconds of the title track on Misanthropic Slaughter, the debut album from US metalers Hemoptysis, one is engaged with an album that ripples with well written, intelligent, and appetising metal sounds that will delight any palate. Throbbing riffs, firmly grabbing rhythms, and intriguing directional … [Read more...]

Cryptborn – Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead

September 15th sees the release of the Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead EP from Finnish band Cryptborn, their first since joining the roster of Dark Descent Records. More than just a release, the EP is a dark, ravenous, black beast consisting of seven tracks borne from the deep bowels of old school death metal. A grotesque from the depths of a … [Read more...]

Mordbrand – Necropsychotic

The reinvention and re-emergence of early Swedish death metal and its dark flavours is a welcome force going through the genre right now; its original direct and powerful roots inspiring many new and existing bands. Swedish band Mordbrand is one of the latest, and better, purveyors of the movement with their latest and debut EP, Necropsychotic, … [Read more...]

Excommunicated – Skeleton Key

Crushing, soul scarring death metal sounds thrusting forward with equally striking and powerful lyrics are the force giving Skeleton Key, the new album from Louisiana death metallers Excommunicated, an impressive content and atmosphere that initially intrigues before awakening the senses and thoughts. The album is a ‘concept’ work on the medieval … [Read more...]

Goregast – Desechos Humanos

Armed with rampant and eager brutality, the third album from German band Goregast is primed to violate the ear, its bone-crushing aggression destined to wreck bodies just as equally as it will pleasure them with exceptional old school styled death metal / grindcore. Desechos Humanos is an aggravated beast determined to undermine the senses with … [Read more...]

Desalmado – Hereditas EP

Crazed, dynamic, crushing, and monstrous - just a few words that reveal themselves as the six track savage beast Hereditas from Brazilian grindcore band Desalmado lays waste to the ear drums. Many releases get described as having intensity but few will get near to the pummelling and sense shattering aggression shown by Desalmado. Hereditas … [Read more...]

Goreaphobia – Apocalyptic Necromancy

Philadelphia underground legends Goreaphobia return August 9 with the release of their new album Apocalyptic Necromancy. Joining forces with Dark Descent Records for their follow up to 2009 album Mortal Repulsion, the heavy metal/ death metalers new release also sees the debut of guitarist VJS (Kult ov Azazel, Crimson Moon, Demoncy). Recorded, … [Read more...]